pinoy henyo

on the phone...

me:  'what's that noise?'

friend:  'guess...  pinoy henyo...'

me:  'i don't play pinoy henyo...  just tell me...'

friend:  'just try...'

me:  'i don't want...'

friend:  'i won't tell you...'

me:  'ugh!  ok...  hmmm...  girl?  jumping up and down?'  ; p
(this friend and i have a long-running joke about some girl sitting on his lap.)

friend chuckles:  'no!'

me:  'person?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'thing?'

friend:  'yes.'

me:  'is it big?'

friend:  'define big...'

me:  'arm-length?'

friend:  'could be...'

me:  'wide?'

friend:  'how wide?'

me:  'as wide as a body?'

friend:  'a regular body, yes.'

me:  'is it square?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'round?'

friend:  'yes.'

me:  'moving up and down?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'sideways?'

friend:  'yes.'

me:  'grandfather clock?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'round, as long as my arm, as wide as my body, moving sideways, makes a sound and it's not a grandfather clock?!'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'is it on the ground?'

friend:  'what do you mean on the ground?'

me:  'on the floor as against attached to the ceiling...  is it on the floor?'

friend:  'yes.'

me:  'electric fan?'

friend:  'yes!'

me:  'yey!!!'

friend:  'but you didn't beat my time...  i guessed mine in 29 seconds...'

me:  'oh, yeah?  what's the word?'

friend:  'guess...'

me:  'again?!  just tell me...'

friend:  'no...  you guess...'

me:  'ugh!  ok...  ok...  is it a person?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'a thing?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'place?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'not a person, place or thing?  is it a song?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'a book?'  (haha...  my lapse...  a book is a thing...)

friend:  'no.'

me:  'a show?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'not a person, place or thing...  not a song, not a book, not a show...  what is that???'

friend:  'oh, the categories that you have...'

me:  'hmmm...  what else?  an animal?'

friend:  'yes.'

me:  'is it big?  as long as my arm?'

friend:  'bigger.'

me:  'does it have a trunk?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'does it have a long neck?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'bigger than my arm...  no long neck, no trunk...  hmmm...  whale?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'is it on the water?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'on air?'

friend:  'yes.'

me:  'eagle?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'bigger than my arm, on air, not an eagle...  is it a seagull?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'an owl?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'huh?!  does it fly higher than an eagle?'

then i break into song:

'♩ ♪  i can fly higher than an eagle... ♫ ♬'

friend chuckles (winces? ; p):  'no.'

me:  'lower?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'not higher, not lower...  so it flies just as high as an eagle?'

friend:  'yes.'

me:  'but it's not an eagle?!'

friend:  'no...  not eagle.'

me:  'but it's a bird?'

friend:  'yes.'

me:  'hmmm...  what other bird is that?!'

friend:  'give up... you're beyond two minutes...  it's agila.'

me:  'agila is eagle, duh!  so i was right!'

friend:  'no...  you have to guess the exact word.'

me:  'really?!  sorry, i didn't know...  so next time i should ask whether it's english or tagalog...'

friend:  'yes...'

hmmm...  not sure i'm looking forward to a next time...  : }

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