a balikbayan cousin sees my phones...

cousin:  'you have two phones, huh!'

me:  'oh...  one's private, the other's very private...  hehe...'

they laugh...

me:  'just like one of my co-workers before...  he had so many phones...  when we asked him why, he said
- one's 'official'
- the other 'personal'
- the third 'very personal'...'

; )

confusing the teen

sister to our 15-year-old nephew:  'who's your girlfriend now?'

nephew:  'none...  i'll just have one in college...'

me:  'oh...  it's okay to have a girlfriend in high school...  'twill give you joy...'

sister:  'don't meddle with what he wants...'

mom:  'right...  anyway he has experienced how it is to have a girlfriend...'

: }

happy day : )

i was hoping he would
but was afraid he won't.
well, he did!

i'm sooo happy  : D

so early and my day is made  ♥♥

basic need

my niece's class going on a field trip...

me:  'you're staying overnight?'

niece:  'no, tita...  we'll be back the same day...'

i offer her a bag expressing reservation that it's kinda big for a day trip.  i tell her i have another one but it's even bigger.

she requests to see the bigger one and, ta-daaan, opts for it!

me:  'that's too big for a day trip!  you bringing a lot of clothes?!'

niece:  'i have a lot of food, tita...'

ooops...  ahahaha...

tea flan

my sister 'cooked' instant leche flan using this one-step leche flan mix...

sister 1:  'how is it?'

me:  'uhm...  there's something a bit off...  it does not quite taste like leche flan...'

sister 2:  'it doesn't taste good?'

me:  'it's okay but it doesn't taste like a real leche flan...'

sister 1:  'but the texture is like leche flan...'

me:  'yup...  it looks like leche flan alright but it doesn't really taste like leche flan...'

sister 1:  'how does it taste?'

me:  'hmmm...  it tastes like something else...  i can't really pinpoint what...  hmmm...  hmmm...  oh...  it tastes like tea!'

ooops...  'leche' is milk, right?  something must have been lost in translation...  ; )

one moment in time

on the phone...  i hear my caller's phone beeping...

me:  'you have a message...'

caller:  'you're more important...'

me:  'huuu...  don't humor me...'

caller:  '' am not humoring you...'

me:  'hello...  maybe before i would have believed you...  but not anymore...'

caller:  'all i meant is right now, at this very moment, you are more important...'

oh, ok...  as in, this very second only...  next minute not anymore...  ; p

special cooking

me:  'it's so expensive to eat steak outside...  that's so easy to cook...  i have a steak pan...  i used to buy steak at S&R...  you just heat the pan...  put the steak...  wait for the bubbles... depending on how you want it, rare, medium rare, well done, turn...  turn just once...  don't keep on turning...  and don't put too much seasoning on the meat...  me, i just put salt...  you retain the real taste of the steak...  you eat it and it tastes just like the expensive steaks in the restaurants...'

guy:  'then let's not go out anymore...  you just be the one to cook our steak...'

me:  'nyeh!  when i cook again i want it to be for someone special...  well, you're special but i want someone for whom i'm also special...  well, i suppose i'm also special to you but i want someone with whom i have something special...  haha, full of specials...  i haven't met the one i'll cook for again...  hmmm...  have i cooked for anyone after?  i've warmed some food for <toot> but that's just heating...'

guy:  'you've warmed food for me, too...'

me:  'yup...  but i just heated food that's already cooked...  that's not really cooking...  i don't wanna cook for anyone just yet...'

guy:  'ok...  i'll be the one to cook, just give me directions...'

me:  'i'm not a member of S&R anymore...  where do we buy our steak?'

guy:  'how much is the membership?'

me:  'we can actually buy elsewhere...  you cook, i'll eat, hehe...'

guy:  'ok...  let's cook at your place...'

me:  'i don't have a range anymore...  we can't cook there...'

guy:  'let's cook at your parents' place...'

me:  'nyeh!  no!  let's cook at your place...  i'll bring my pan...'

guy:  'there's nothing there...  let's cook at <best friend's> place...'

me:  'haha...  you'll have to buy a lot of steak if we cook there...  'twill be more expensive...'

ending:  we're dining at melo's...  ; )


my sister received P250 credits to spend on any deal from a group-buying site.

me:  'how come they sent you that?'

sister:  'because i buy from them...'

me:  'i buy from them, too...  how come they didn't send me?'

sister:  'maybe it's random...'

we check her account.  she hasn't bought anything from the site!

me:  'you haven't bought a single deal...  i've bought a lot!  why didn't they send me???'

sister:  'oh...  maybe they sent me so i'll buy from them...  you've bought a lot so they don't need to entice you...'

oh...  ok...  : }

more than i could chew

sister gets chocs from the ref...

sister:  'you want?'

me:  'yes...'

sister:  'just get...'

me:  'can you put some in my mouth?'

sister:  'put some in your mouth???'

me:  'yes, please...'

she then breaks off a BIG piece and puts it inside my mouth.

mouth full i had a hard time saying, 'why so big?!'

she wasn't able to hear anymore as she has gone out of the room.

serves me right...  : }

taken for granted

friend:  'where do we meet?'

me:  'at the corner near the gasoline station...  where i parked last time...'

friend:  'ah...  that's <toot> street, right?'

me:  'ooops...  i dunno the name of the street...  but it's the one where i waited for you last time...  i'll park there again...'

friend:  'yes...  that's <toot> street alright...'

me:  'haha...  good that you know...  i'm from here and i don't...'  : }

sometimes it takes a faraway person to bring to our attention the things around us...


i get chocs from my sister's stash...

sister:  'you can have them all...'

me:  'i'll just get two...  i'll give one to mom...  if she takes it that means i should eat only one...'

i go downstairs and offer one to my mom...

well, she takes it...

ok...  ; )

too soon

october 15, 2012

me:  'if you receive a call saying you won an iPhone 5, that's real...  i registered you in the raffle...'

sister:  'thanks...  they'll call this week...'

me:  'haha... raffle's october 31 yet!'

; )

He loves me

i always go to the PEA (perpetual eucharistic adoration) after mass.  i've been doing this for as far back as i can remember.  then this afternoon, for the first time ever if i recall right, the PEA was locked!

i looked around...  i didn't see any notice...

i checked out the Oratory, the alternate venue they opened when the PEA was being renovated sometime back  ->  it was also locked.

i therefore just said my prayers behind the glass window where the other supposed PEA-goers were standing.

head bowed, eyes closed and praying, it suddenly crossed my mind, 'aww...  God literally closed His door on me... why, oh, why, oh, why?  yoyoy!'

i was a little down initially but the 'yoyoy' part gave me a lift, hehe...  it always comes to mind whenever i come across 'why, oh, why, oh, why'  ->  Y, O, Y, O, Y  ; )

then guess what, i open my eyes and, from the glass window, see people inside the PEA!  someone has unlocked the door!  whoa!  i was so surprised...  there were some chills down my spine...  i was sooo happy...  i was thinking God wouldn't let me have that thought, not even as a joke...

so comforting...  :")

missed it

saw someone on TV...

me:  'that guy courted me before...'

mom too busy reading and doesn't look up...

me:  'he's a <toot>...'

mom:  '<toot>?!'

mom looks at the TV...  too late...  the guy's not on-screen anymore...  ; p

you'll never know

me:  'moment of truth...  they'll find out who's most important to you depending on who you'll invite...'

reply:  'oh...  i won't invite any of them...  i'll just go out with them separately...'

hahaha...  playing safe, huh!


that was close!  but i made it  ->  by 10 minutes!!!  i'm so happy...  i'm so thankful...  yea!!!  : D

now i have to explain to a friend why i wasn't able to attend to what i was supposed to do for her...  i had to finish something...  i hope she'll understand...  i was calling her earlier but she wasn't picking up...  suspense...

i'll hide it

dad, looking at a torn and tattered shirt on the clothesline:  'whose shirt is that?'

me:  'mine...'

dad:  'throw that away!'


hard sell

my mom had one of her regular get-togethers with friends.

as usual, upload the pics to facebook.

she asked me to tag one of the attendees.


she asked me to send the album to said friend as well.

me:  'mom, she's already tagged.  no need to send the album...'

mom:  'so she'll see the rest of the pics...'

me:  'she's your friend, she can see the rest of the pics...'

mom:  'just to be sure...'

ok, ok.

uhm...  would you like me to post the album to her timeline as well?  ; )

they must have an audience

mom, not at all amused at the antics of what the newscaster introduced as 'interesting' (uhm, they used to call them 'nuisance') electoral candidates:  'they're taking footage that's why...'

me:  'you're watching so they take footage...'

mom:  'if they don't take footage then i won't be seeing these people on TV...'

chicken and egg...  supply and demand...  whatever...


supposed to order a photo cake...  store wants me to bring a picture...  i ask whether i could just send a jpg...  staff says no because they have to scan the hard copy...

i said if you scan it becomes a jpg (or tif or whatever)...  now i already have a jpg, i'll have to print, they'll scan and 'twill again become jpg...

not sure that makes sense...  hmmm...  unless the cake-making machine accepts only hard copy...  ???

sticking to what you love

my parents love max's...  not just because of the food...  the original restaurant was where their wedding reception was held close to half a century ago (awww!  a long and lasting love... ♥♥)

now we're supposed to dine out for my dad's special day...  as usual, max's came up...  someone suggested we go to a different restaurant for a change...  ok...  so last weekend, 'twas agreed that we'll go to this other chain...

well, this evening my mom said she checked out the other place and found it too noisy...  she says my dad won't like it...  guess what, it's gonna be max's again...  ; )

see it differently

at a party last night, i was taking a pic, as usual with the camera way above my head...

batchmate:  'you like to take pics with your arms high up...'

uhm...  i have nice armpits...  joke!!!  ; p

actually, i like to capture moments, not from the usual eye-level but  from a different perspective...  : )

spirit and flesh

we're a close-knit family and i grew up with regular get-togethers, usually in so-and-so's house or in this or that restaurant.  we've done out-of-towns, but they've entailed only land travel.  (well, my mom and my aunts have gone on U.S. trips together, but at most there were only six of them sisters.)

last week, however, sixteen (!) ladies in the family went out-of-town, this time, ta-daaan, flying to cebu...  : )

there was a seat-sale in july and a cousin sent out a facebook message asking whether we'd like to go bonding with a plane ride to boot.  before you know it, seventeen tickets have been bought, a hotel has been booked and transportation arrangements have been made.

destination was supposed to be just cebu but on our first day, an aunt said she'd like to go boating and go to a beach as well.  someone said bohol is just an hour away.  we could leave in the morning and go back in the afternoon.  phone calls were made, text messages were sent and before the day ended, we've already arranged for transportation in bohol.  (i love this family!!! ♥♥♥)

following morning, there was excitement plus unexpected suspense and anxiety as the availability of sixteen tickets to bohol hang in the balance.  the van IN bohol was confirmed, the ferry TO bohol was iffy...  : }

the heavens thankfully smiled on us, for the nth time : ), as my aunts and my cousin were able to get the remaining tickets on the ferry:  7 first class, 9 economy.  the last 16 tickets, imagine!  yey, bohol now part of the itinerary!!!  : D

surprise, surprise, however  ->  the ferry trip takes two hours not one.  uh-oh, so we're losing two hours?  hah!  no problem!  quick stops at chocolate hills and the tarsier sanctuary.  no more swimming, just lunch at the beach.  fun and enjoyable with adrenaline rush on the side...  ; )

last night, at another family get-together, an uncle was telling me:  'your cebu and bohol pictures are nice.  we were counting though and there's always someone missing.'

me:  'oh, we were supposed to be 17 but <a niece> wasn't able to make it so there were only 16...'

uncle:  'i meant the people in the pics were less than 16.  suddenly we realized that it's you who is not there.  of course, you were taking the pics...'

haha...  yup, as usual.  i've been the unofficial / self-assigned family photographer since second year high school.  that is a looong time...  ; p

when we were in cebu, a cousin offered to take my pics.  i said, 'thanks, it's ok...'

she said, 'but you don't have pictures!'

i said i have.  i'm taking the pics so i'm part of the pics.  you don't see me but i'm there  ->  in spirit...  (awoooo!!!  ; ))

she then chuckled saying that's not good enough for her.  she said if it's her, she'd be peeved already and if it's her camera, she'd stop taking pics and just put it in her bag.  no pic of hers?!  no pic of others as well!

oh!  nyahaha...  toinks!!!  ; p