spirit and flesh

we're a close-knit family and i grew up with regular get-togethers, usually in so-and-so's house or in this or that restaurant.  we've done out-of-towns, but they've entailed only land travel.  (well, my mom and my aunts have gone on U.S. trips together, but at most there were only six of them sisters.)

last week, however, sixteen (!) ladies in the family went out-of-town, this time, ta-daaan, flying to cebu...  : )

there was a seat-sale in july and a cousin sent out a facebook message asking whether we'd like to go bonding with a plane ride to boot.  before you know it, seventeen tickets have been bought, a hotel has been booked and transportation arrangements have been made.

destination was supposed to be just cebu but on our first day, an aunt said she'd like to go boating and go to a beach as well.  someone said bohol is just an hour away.  we could leave in the morning and go back in the afternoon.  phone calls were made, text messages were sent and before the day ended, we've already arranged for transportation in bohol.  (i love this family!!! ♥♥♥)

following morning, there was excitement plus unexpected suspense and anxiety as the availability of sixteen tickets to bohol hang in the balance.  the van IN bohol was confirmed, the ferry TO bohol was iffy...  : }

the heavens thankfully smiled on us, for the nth time : ), as my aunts and my cousin were able to get the remaining tickets on the ferry:  7 first class, 9 economy.  the last 16 tickets, imagine!  yey, bohol now part of the itinerary!!!  : D

surprise, surprise, however  ->  the ferry trip takes two hours not one.  uh-oh, so we're losing two hours?  hah!  no problem!  quick stops at chocolate hills and the tarsier sanctuary.  no more swimming, just lunch at the beach.  fun and enjoyable with adrenaline rush on the side...  ; )

last night, at another family get-together, an uncle was telling me:  'your cebu and bohol pictures are nice.  we were counting though and there's always someone missing.'

me:  'oh, we were supposed to be 17 but <a niece> wasn't able to make it so there were only 16...'

uncle:  'i meant the people in the pics were less than 16.  suddenly we realized that it's you who is not there.  of course, you were taking the pics...'

haha...  yup, as usual.  i've been the unofficial / self-assigned family photographer since second year high school.  that is a looong time...  ; p

when we were in cebu, a cousin offered to take my pics.  i said, 'thanks, it's ok...'

she said, 'but you don't have pictures!'

i said i have.  i'm taking the pics so i'm part of the pics.  you don't see me but i'm there  ->  in spirit...  (awoooo!!!  ; ))

she then chuckled saying that's not good enough for her.  she said if it's her, she'd be peeved already and if it's her camera, she'd stop taking pics and just put it in her bag.  no pic of hers?!  no pic of others as well!

oh!  nyahaha...  toinks!!!  ; p

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