extra careful

friend administering the doctor's prescription to her baby in my arms late night...  as she squeezed the medicine dropper, the baby drooled...

me:  'did she spit out the medicine with that drool?'

mom:  'probably...  should i give her another drop?'

me:  'oh...  dunno...  maybe not...  she might overdose...  we don't have a doctor here...'

some risks you don't take...

guessing game

me:  'i have a big choc but it's melted...'

sister1:  'where did it come from?'

me:  'the states...'

sister1:  'who is it from?'

me:  'i refuse to answer by reason of insanity...'
(nyahaha...  crazy!)

sister1:  'i know it's from <toot1>...'

me:  'well, i'm telling you no...'

sister2:  'it's from <toot2>!'

me:  'i don't want to say yes or no anymore...  i'm not entertaining any guesses...'

it's actually not from <toot2>...  but if i say that they'd give a third name and so on and so forth...

you have to stop before you are found out...  ; p

you need me

i hitched someone...  now i have yet to change my seat covers so they're all just lumped together on the bare backseat of my car...  said my passenger who i asked to sit at the back because the front seat has my stuff, 'we do upholstery...'

ooops...  it's just like giving your sweetest yellow-teeth smile to a dentist...  : }

it's me

showed my sister our annual family christmas card i just finished making...

me, pointing to our sister's pic:  'is she ok there?'

sister:  'she's ok...  you're the one ugly...  change your pic...'

nyahaha...  toinks!!!


sister calls me from downstairs...

me:  'yup!'

sister:  'try this...'

me:  'what's that?'

sister:  'chicken spread...'

me:  'i'm doing something...'

sister:  'just have a quick taste...  i'd like to know whether it's already ok...'

me:  'wait...'

i rush down and try a teaspoon...

me:  'hey, it's good!  just right...  i'll have another one...'

sister:  'ok...'

i get another teaspoon and have some more...

me:  'yum!  one more...'

sister:  'sure...'

i pull out a third teaspoon, get a heaping scoop and eat again...  i wash the three teaspoons...  while washing i go, 'one last...'

i get a fourth teaspoon and have another heaping scoop...

; )

no lose

wishbone...  sisters make a wish...


sister 1 got the longer part...

sister 2:  'aw...  it's you...'

sister 1:  'don't worry...  i wished that you'd get your wish...'

awww...  sweet...  :")

what carries more weight

at a party last night, someone i rarely see saw me and blurted out, 'you're so fat!'


and he repeated it a couple more times as if i'm some bloated whale!

uhhh!!!  to think all along i've been trying to gain back some weight.  i've lost more than 20 lbs. ->  intentional only initially.  the last few pounds i just kept on shedding off even if i've stopped trying to slim down...  : O

actually, i've long realized that heaviness is subjective.  those who knew me from my, uhm, round and fleshy days see me now and think i'm too thin.  those who met me at my lighter weight see me and tell me i have gained / am gaining weight.  personally, i'd really like to gain back a few more pounds.  i don't like skinny.  i prefer voluptuous... va-va-voom!  ).(

anyway, no matter what others say, there's only one whose opinion matters to me at this point.  and so far, he's been saying i'm sexy, nyahaha!!!  (uhm, i don't really know whether what he says is consistent with what he really thinks inside, wahaha!!!)  honestly, i think i had a pretty good shape before but i somehow lost it when i lost all those pounds.  at least though, there's still someone who says things to make me feel good about myself be i 'thin' or 'fat.'  yup, it's not so much how you look  ->  it's how he sees you.  i guess i really am just fine...  yea!!!  \m/


me:  'i'm supposed to go to this come-as-you-are party...'

sister:  'come-as-you-are?  what time?'

me:  '7 p.m....'

sister:  'so you would be in your sleepwear...'

me:  'shorts and shirt...  no br_, hehe...  actually, i don't know what they mean by come-as-you-are...  my friend was borrowing pink wigs from me...  come-as-you-are, pink wig???'

i didn't know i was friends with lady gaga...  ; )


mom:  'how far is the reception from the church?'

cousin:  'maybe from here to <place>...'

mom:  'is that walking distance?'

cousin:  'oh, it's too far to walk...'

me:  'ei, you're just like <my sister>...  she says that's far...  it's near to me...  i go there often...  i just walk...'

cousin:  'i see you!  and i'm thinking, 'why is she just walking?!''

haha...  distance is relative...

and, ta-daaannn...  i always say i don't exercise...  come to think of it, i walk  ->  distances others would think are far...  ei, i exercise after all...  goody-good!  yea!!!

go against the flow

we were at this restaurant last night and while going over the menu, nothing really caught my fancy.  when that's the case, i usually ask the waiter what items are their bestsellers.  so i did.

for the cakes, the waitress said it's their chocolate pistachio.

ok.  i'll have that.

for the shakes, it's their almond pistachio.

oh...  pistachio cake and pistachio shake  ->  pistachio overload...  what are the other choices?

she says these other two shakes are bestsellers as well.

hmmm...  not too keen on those...  oh, well, ok.  just go for the almond pistachio.

and then we ordered pizza  ->  quattro vertude.  not sure whether that was a bestseller, too.  but guess what, i really liked it.  the other two supposed bestsellers i ordered seemed rather ordinary to me...  : }

so much for the bandwagon...


i'm taking pictures of my niece...  she smiles then right before the camera clicks, she skews her lips...

me:  'aw!  don't!'

she smiles...

me:  'pretty!!!'

again just before the camera clicks, she puffs up her nostrils...  : O

oh...  to be young and pretty!  \m/

it's official

at the customer care center, i present my warranty card to the assistant...

me:  'that's registered under my friend's name...  but actually he bought it for me...'

customer care assistant inspects the item then checks the computer.  she goes:  'i'll just register it under your name, ma'am...'

me:  'oh!  would that be ok?  it's already registered under my friend's name...'

customer care assistant:  'it's still registered under the dealer's name, ma'am...'

me:  'really?  the web registration was not reflected?  i registered it myself...  under my friend's name...'

customer:  'it's still the dealer's name here, ma'am...  i'll just put yours...'

me:  'won't there be any problems?  receipt's under my friend's name...  he's male, i'm female...'

customer care assistant:  'that's ok, ma'am...'

me:  'ei, good...  thanks...'

officially mine!  yea!!!  ; p


dad arrives...

mom:  'you ate out?'

dad:  'i ate at french baker...  why?'

mom:  'you're not checking out the food...  usually upon arrival you go to the dining table...'

; )

pass ; )

my nephew comes in...

i'm wearing a man's shirt and i go, 'you want this?'

nephew:  'what's that?'

me:  'it's a guy's shirt...  if you like it i'll give it to you...'

he comes closer, checks it out then declines my offer.

my sister, wearing what definitely is a girl's top, goes,  'how 'bout this, you want it?'

nyahaha...  toinks!!!

simply me

sister offers me syrup for my pancake...

me:  'i don't put syrup on my pancakes...'

sister:  'you're so boring...  i don't eat pancake without syrup...  it's just not the same...'

well, i'm not a sauce-person...  i don't usually dip my food in sauces...  neither 'saucy' nor 'sosy'...

♩ ♪  i want it that way  ♫ ♬

; )

a tiger in the house

picking up my best friend's baby this morning...  my sister went, 'i hope she's wearing her tiger outfit...'

ooops...  hehe...

my best friend's house was (re-)blessed/dedicated yesterday and, amid the pastor's supposedly solemn prayers and sermon, i couldn't help but smile, break out in chuckles even, with the presence of this cute and chubby four-month-old baby making sounds in her tigress cub costume complete with tiger face hood, protruding ears and pointed tail...  of all days, of all times, that's when the baby's aunt decided to dress her in that outfit...  hahaha...  halloween hang-over hasn't worn off, eh...  ; )

next time

attended the first meetup of Women Entrepreneurs on the Web Philippines (WeOW)...  when the speaker from google announced she was already leaving to catch a plane, someone asked for a group picture...  the organizer handed her phone to venue staff who, after taking a couple of shots, asked whether there were any more cams...  someone brought out her phone and gave it to the staff who took another shot...  we had a handful of group shots from a total of two camera phones...  hmmm...  a roomful of ladies and not a single one brought a 'real' camera...  an article i read sometime back came to mind...  it said photo uploads from this smartphone have overtaken those from 'real' cameras in this photo sharing site...  hmmm...  hmmm...  hmmm...  not sure whether the case in our meetup is an extension of that...

i wanted to bring my DSLR actually but then i originally was supposed to proceed someplace else after the meetup so i didn't...  by the time it was decided my other meeting wasn't pushing through, 'twas too late to charge my batt...  : }

memories are in the heart, true...  but it sure is nice to have nice pics for remembrance and posterity as well...

next time i'll bring a cam, even just a point-and-shoot...  i have a feeling others will, too...  haha...  cycle of famine and plenty?  let it be famine, plenty, plenty, plenty...  : )

buy and sell

i love discounts and i'm a fan of group-buying sites.  imagine my surprise therefore when i received a call from this group-buying site i patronize wanting to offer my photobooth business as a deal on their site.  ooops...  first thing that came to mind was that i won't have control on who will buy and therefore won't be able to choose who i'll be transacting with and where the venue will be.  the caller assured me their market is A-B.  hmmm...

anyway, we exchanged e-mails and they called me some more but ending was i opted to decline.  i guess for now i'd prefer to be their customer rather than their supplier.  50% discounts are delightful when you're the buyer...  when you're the seller, however, it's a different story...  ; )

advertisers' delight

my sister was watching tv when i entered the room...  well, commercials!!!

first, instant noodles...

me:  'ei, i want noodles...  do you have downstairs?'

then, ice cream...

me:  'aw...  i want ice cream!'

sister:  'there's ice cream in the ref...'

me:  'i'm out of here...  i might end up eating everything they show on tv...'

: }


my sister pours lechon sauce on her plate...

me:  'may i try?'
(i'm not much for sauces...)

sister:  'ok...'

me:  'hey...  it's good, huh!  may i have some more?'

sister:  'ok...'

she pours more on her plate, puts the cover on the bottle, then gets up to get ketchup...  meanwhile, i help myself to her sauce...

me:  'why are you having ketchup?'

sister:  'this is ok...'

me:  'why not the lechon sauce?'

sister:  'it's expired...'

me:  'huh?!  why didn't you tell me?!'

sister:  'i didn't know...  i noticed late...'

me:  'why didn't you stop me?!'

sister:  'you said it's good...  i didn't want to spoil your enjoyment...'

me:  'what?!  you should have told me!  when's the expiration?'

sister:  'september...'

waaahhh!!!  sometimes it's ok to cut short people's enjoyment, y'know!  ugh!

the old reliable

my mom had another of those get-together with her friends.  now the lock on her camera's battery compartment is broken (she uses tape to hold it in place) so i told her to bring a different cam.  well, she came home very disappointed saying the other cam wouldn't work and therefore they have no pictures...  : }

i tried the cam myself.  i took a pic of my mom.  it worked!

regardless.  she says next time she'll stick to her old cam.

i guess that means no new cams for her this christmas...  ; )


sister slicing a mango:  'you want?'

me:  'thanks...  i don't eat mango...'

sister:  'i know...'

me:  'then why are you offering me?'

sister:  'basic courtesy!'

mom taught her well...  : )

moving forward

i was checking my phone bill and i realized just now that i haven't been collecting VAT from my best friend whose phones are under my subscription.  i just bill her usage charges and that's it.  uh-oh...  this has been going on for over a year now...  : }

oh, well...  charge to friendship...  there's so much more i'd do for this girl...  mwuah!!!  ♥♥♥

nevertheless, i'm already gonna collect VAT from her this month...  nyahaha...  toinks!!!  ; p

get better with age

i was telling a friend this certain baby is oh so cute and he so quickly shoots back, 'all babies are cute!'

hahaha...  so it's only when they grow up that the differences appear, huh!

well, my sister doesn't quite agree...  she says not all babies are cute...  come to think of it, i must say i've seen babies i've actually found ugly, among them my niece and my youngest sister, hahaha...  (ooops...  sorry, guys...)  good thing they both turned out well grown-up...  whew!

hmmm... better an ugly baby who grows up to be a beautiful lady than a pretty baby who grows up to be, uhm, rather ugly...

take note though, the real measure of beauty is what you have inside  ->  strive for a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul...