knowledge for knowledge's sake

i've cast my vote and i now have a purple nail on my right index finger.  i see others' fingers and their indelible ink looks just like a border around their nail.  mine looks like a manicure!!!  ugh!

anyway, sometime back i noticed on my yahoo philippines highlights these stories with the label 'purple thumb.'  first thing that came to mind was 'green thumb.'  and then i sort of wondered what purple thumb could be.  anyway, i didn't give it much thought.  daily i would see the label and eventually i realized that if i saw the label the story would be election-related.  that was all there was to it, however.

then one day, i was bed and it just suddenly occurred to me that 'purple thumb' referred to the indelible ink they put on your finger after you cast your vote.  wahaha...  what a late epiphany.  talk about slow.

the initial lack of knowledge didn't hamper me a bit.  the eventual learning was nice but i'd say it didn't really benefit me that much (maybe you could even change that to 'at all' if you discount looking like an ignoramus to those who know what it was).

i guess some things really are inconsequential, at least to certain people.

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