see where it gets you

for the longest time, i've been badgering my friend about her hazard lights, i.e., to have them fixed.  every single time, she replies with it used to work before.  as in, EVERY single time that is what she says.  and every single time, i counter with i don't care whether it was working before what matters to me is that it work now.  i tell her hazard lights are important when you park, when you're backing up, when you're stopping temporarily, etc.

(she makes me drive her car, btw  ->  even if i repeatedly tell her i don't like driving other people's vehicles.)

now, at long last, she tells me they're fixed.  i go, 'good...  you really need that when you park...'  ' know what, again she dropped me her 'it used to work before...' line.


just that car get a flat, hah!  instead of having the tire vulcanized right away, i'll first spend a lot of time repeating to her, 'that tire was ok before...'


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