yours and ours

me to sister:  'why are you wet?'

sister:  'i did some slicing...'

me:  'and why did you have to slice?'

sister:  'because my papaya's about to ripen...'

me:  'why do you have to say 'my'?'

sister:  'i was the one who bought...  i was the one who sliced...  i'm the one who's going to eat...'

me:  'don't they eat papaya?'

sister:  'they don't really like it...'

me:  'well, i myself don't eat papaya...  you're right, that is YOUR papaya...'

but these are OUR chocolates...  ; )

give well

me:  'i gave my body pillow to <toot>...  she was so happy...'

<toot 2>:  'why?  is it damaged?'

me:  'no!  it's good!'

<toot 2>:  'then why'd you give it away?'

me:  'i'm getting a new pillow and i'm thinking it's something she won't be able to buy for herself so i decided to give it to her...  anyway, why is your question like that?  are you gonna give away something only when it's defective?'

that's discarding not really giving...  \m/

just play

overheard playmates talking...  one is 4 years old; the other, 11...

one went:  'i don't want to get fat!'

eh?!  young girls have such concerns now???  : }

whatever suits you

dad says standard seat size for certain vehicles is 35 cm...

mom:  'that's too narrow!'

me:  'depends on who's gonna sit...  if you're heavy that is narrow...  if you're skinny that's just fine...'

different strokes for different folks...  \m/

over my head

sister eating this yellow stuff and couldn't quite figure out what it is...

sister:  'maybe it's potato...  finely chopped...  or banana...  or sweet potato...  or a mixture of different fruits...'

mom:  'maybe potato...'

dad:  'it's rice flakes...'

me:  'doesn't it have a label?'

mom:  'it has...'

me:  'lemme read...'

mom:  'we can't...'

me:  'why?'

oh...  it's in thai...  :O

greek to me...  ; p


i renewed my passport this morning and after the girl at the counter checked my form, she went, 'we'll cancel this now,' proceeding to punch holes in my expiring passport...

i blurted out a panicked, 'awww!!!  there's a visa there!!!'

she said, 'it's just the passport we cancel...'

i checked and the holes were punched only on the first, second and last pages...

wahaha...  sorry...  what was i thinking???  these people know what they are doing...  \m/


i tell my mom i'm gonna order a king size bedsheet for her...

mom:  'our bed's still fine...'

me:  'ooops...  bed sheet, mom...  not bed...  big price difference there...'


it's complicated

our clan likes to have themed parties...

we've had colors:  single colors, combination colors, primary colors, the campaign color of the presidential candidate you're voting for...

we've had patterns and shapes:  stripes, polka dots, stars...

we've had various prints:  faces, places, numbers, floral, animal, statements...

we've had a swimming party, a hawaiian party, a zumba party...

we've worn shorts & shades and hats and funny glasses...

there's another gathering coming up and my mom was informing us, 'those who are married are supposed to wear red; the single ones, white...'

me:  'aw!  what do i wear???'

hmmm...  hmmm...  hmmm...

ok...  i'll pair white pants with a red top...  ; p

beloved child

there are these flight times that i like and this airport that i prefer but since i bought my tickets during a seat sale, i made do with what was available and booked flights that were rather early, departing from and arriving at some other airport.

well, guess what...  i received notice from the airline that my flight "has been cancelled due to schedule realignment" and they've assigned me new flights subject to my approval.

i checked and the new departure time was what i really like to book in the first place!

the return flight, i requested to be changed to the time that i like and it was moved accordingly without the usual rebooking fees and fare difference charges.

and, ta-daaannn!  since the airline i bought my ticket from has been acquired by this other airline, my flights are now departing from and arriving at the airport that i prefer!

wow, wow, wow!!!

stone to bread; snake to fish!

i am sooo happy...  i am sooo thankful...  : )


at the mall this afternoon, promo girl offering free taste of this drink...

me:  'what is it?'

promo girl:  '<name>, ma'am...  it has goji berry and <inaudible>...'

me:  'a, goji...  what's the other one?  goji and...?'

promo girl:  '<inaudible>, ma'am...  good for eyesight...'

me:  'ah...  lutein!  ok...'

i and two other women there try it...

a foreigner standing nearby joked:  'you all look younger already!'

i chuckle...  'you should try it, too...'

he gestures no...

me:  'it's good for eyesight...  so you'll see clearly whether we really did look younger...'

; p


dad to sporty niece:  'i heard you're doing basketball practice...'

niece:  'yes...'

dad:  'don't!  not basketball...  shift to volleyball...'

me:  'what's the difference?'

dad:  'basketball, you're close together...  volleyball, you're far apart...'

me:  'and so?'

dad:  'it's riskier when you're close...'

me:  'you get close, too, in volleyball...'

dad:  'but volleyball is safer...  basketball, there's bumping, there's hitting...'

huh?!  isn't that boxing?


background matters

mom giving me this giant pinback button (at 6 inches, it's more than double the usual 2.25")...  it had the print:

but worth it"

me:  'ei, i'm low maintenance, mom!'

mom:  'it's blue...  that's your favorite color...'

me:  'oh, haha...  ok...  thanks...'

look beyond the main point and focus on the background...  ; )

the difference is I

friend calls me...  he says he's at this store i like...

me:  'you're there?!  aaww!!!  ask them please whether they have DH6-6...'

friend:  'what?'

me:  'DH6-6...  that's the model i like...'

friend:  'D what?'

me:  'D...  H...  6-6...'

friend:  'you use D delta...'

me:  'delta...  what's H?  helper?  i dunno...  D...  H...  what's S?'

friend:  'sierra...'

me:  'ok...  DH then sierra...  hmmm...  i dunno I...'

friend:  'india...'

me:  'DH then sierra, india, what's X?  ugh!  i dunno phonetic...  it's just letter D, letter H then number 6 dash 6...  sex except instead of E it's I...  for sure you know that!'


fat chance

supposed to go someplace morning but postponed leaving because there was this delivery i wanted to be the one to sign for...

well, it was already mid-afternoon and the courier has not arrived (in fairness, there really is no commitment as to the time)...

i decided to dash out awhile telling my cousin i am expecting a package and will be back soonest...

so i hurriedly left and, even if i wanted to stay longer, rushed right back...

guess what... my cousin hands me a pouch and tells me the courier arrived about 5 minutes after i left...

5 minutes?!  5???!!!

oh. my. goodness.

a big, wide door and a teeny-weeny window -> window prevails...

such is life... ; }

then and now

my mom was at a luncheon and tells me one of the attendees who apparently has been seeing her facebook throwback pics told her:  'you were so pretty when you were young!'

me:  'hehe...  does that mean you're already ugly now?'

joke!!!  ; )

peace, pretty momma...  mwuah!!!  <3 <3 <3

look good or feel good

my sister-in-law told me my hair looked nice when she saw me earlier...

me:  'really?'

sister-in-law:  'yes...  it was really nice as if it has been set...'

me:  'oh, yeah?  hmmm...  maybe because it was shampoo i used...'

sister-in-law:  'why?  what else do you use for your hair?'

me:  'body wash...'

sister-in-law:  'for your hair?!'

me:  'yes...  my hair's so fine but when i use body wash it feels thick...'

and looks unkempt...  ;")


followed up delivery of a couple of items i purchased online.  those i ordered much later have already arrived but these two have not.

customer service told me one is out of stock while the other has been ordered from the supplier.  the first order will therefore be cancelled while the second will be shipped to me as soon as they receive it.

oh...  okay...

i was surprised, however, to see in my account that both orders were cancelled.

i again called customer service to ask whether there has been an error in cancellation.

well, there was an error alright  ->  not in the cancellation though but in the information given me earlier.  both items are actually out of stock hence both orders were cancelled.

me:  'aw!  i really like the second one...'

customer service:  'we're really sorry, ma'am...  anyway, you will be refunded...'

me:  'i understand...  it's just that i'm not after the refund, i'm after the item...'

the value of money is not in the money itself but in the things it can buy and the situations it can effect...

sweet overload

i was calling my sister-in-law over because i have chocs...

sister-in-law:  'what chocolates do you have?'

me:  'all sorts!  truffles, walnut squares...  lindt, see's, hershey's...'

sister:  'plenty?'

me:  'a lot!  go choose what you want...'

sister:  'the see's, you have a lot?'

me:  'i have six packs of see's...  not one, not two, not three, half a dozen!  that's 'i love you' twice over...'

; )

now i know

there's this countdown sale (price drops by 1% per hour) i've been checking out on a daily basis and in the process, i've become familiar with certain items i never really paid attention to before.

it used to be all i knew was a butcher's knife and a bread knife and then everything else was just, well, a knife.  now i know this one is a boning knife, that one a fillet knife, the other a paring knife, etc.

i've been showing off (hahaha) my newfound knowledge to my mom and so she was asking me what type of knife the one she was holding was.  i said the length is for a paring knife but the shape looks to me like a santoku (say!  ; ) ).

anyway, i told her about this kitchen utensil i've been seeing since i was small.  i said when i got married we received one as part of a set and even up to that time, i didn't really know what it was.  one time i so awkwardly tried to use it as a turner wondering why on earth it had a 90 degree angle for the handle and the scooping (or so i thought) part.  well, from the countdown i now know that it is a potato masher.  yes, a potato masher, imagine!

i love mashed potatoes!  at some point in my life, when my retainers were new, all i was eating was mashed potatoes!  i've been seeing this utensil for the longest time and only recently did i find out that it is for mashed potatoes!

my, oh, my!  unbelievable how you could be so ignorant about something you love...  :"}

hmmm...  you could substitute 'someone' for the 'something' there, too...  ; p


getting ice cream from the bottom part of the supermarket freezer... i check the code on the container but couldn't make sense of it...

me: 'excuse me, when's the expiration date of this?'

(haha... not that the ice cream will not be consumed soon... i just wanted to be sure that it is not yet expired...)

crew checks the code but says it's really just a code and not an expiration date...

me: 'how do you know when this expires?'

crew asks another...

the reply?

'selecta has no expiration...'

me: 'huh?! sure???'

selecta handler: 'yes... as long as it's frozen you can still eat it...'

hmmm... so selecta is long-lasting??? as in, you can store it indefinitely? i thought for pre-packed ice cream sold in supermarkets Best Before / Expiration Date is mandatory...


i've been shopping in a countdown sale with points and the brand new items i get i swap with my mom's old stuff.  then the old stuff i get from her i give to her laundrywoman.

another swap is coming and my mom goes:  'i like the old one...'

me:  'oh...  okay...  i'll just give the new one to <laundrywoman>...  it's immaterial to me who gets it...  i'm not going to use it anyway...  i really intend to just give it away...'

mom:  'i like the new one, too...'

me:  'oh...  so get the new and give me your old...'

mom:  'i mean i like the new one but i'd like to keep the old as well...'

oh!  both, eh!  hmmm...


friend in a long distance relationship tells me his girl told him it's okay for him to go out on dates here...

me:  'aw!  be careful about such permissions...  it could cut both ways...  it might mean she, too, could go out on dates over there...'

friend:  'it's also okay with me...'

me:  'oh!  it doesn't work that way with me...  i want my boyfriend exclusively mine...  he's not allowed to date other girls!'



friend browsing chocolate sites...

i bring up a pic on my phone and tell the friend who has been having long distance relationships:  'i like this, cashew brittle...  i hope you'd have a girlfriend from palawan so we could have this...  ooops...  user?!  of course you have to love the girl...'


face value

ordering soap online for a friend's mom...

me:  'what do you like, regular soap or pretty soap?  it's not really labeled 'pretty soap,' i just call it that...  there's a name for each soap...  they look so nice i call them pretty soap...'

friend:  'get both...  one regular, one pretty...'

me:  'what kind of pretty soap do you like?  i'll send you the links so you could choose...  they're so nice...  there's ice cream, cupcakes...  the soap really looks like cupcake!'

friend:  'oh, no, no!  no food-looking soaps...  there are children there, they might eat the soap...'

me:  'they're for your mom...'

friend:  'yes but there are children there...  you can't really watch over them all the time...  they might see it then eat it...  no more pretty soap, just regular...  order soap that really looks like soap...'

me:  'haha...  okay...'

; )