make it worth it

mom shows me a photo of a crew in the restaurant she and my dad have been frequenting lately.

mom:  'when i told him i was going to take his picture, he took that tray and raised it so it will be part of the picture...'

me:  'how come the tray is barely shown in the pic?'

mom:  'it's there!'

me:  'yeah, but you can barely see it...  that's not even one-tenth of the tray...  is it shown completely in the digital file?'

mom:  'i didn't notice...'

me:  'check...  if it is then have it reprinted asking the printer to crop on top instead of at the bottom...  the proportion of that printed pic is 4x6...  the digital file is bigger so usually when you print there's cropping...  but you can choose where to crop:  top, bottom, both...'

mom:  'that's okay already...  the lights look good anyway...'

me:  'yeah...  but if he made an effort to lift that tray wanting it to be in the pic, don't let that effort go to waste...'

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