a few years back, i had this Q&A in formspring (now

"If you could be on the cover of any magazine, which would you choose?

sports illustrated swimsuit edition... LOL!"

well, the 50th anniversary sports illustrated swimsuit issue came out the other week and since i couldn't be on the cover (hahahahaha!!!  lolololololsss!!!), i decided to just change my facebook profile pic to a swimsuit pic...  nothing skimpy...  just a tankini...  (i've since changed back to my usual kiddie profile pic...  the swimsuit one was up for only three days...)

well, my mom went to our province over the weekend and when she came back, she was asking me about my swimsuit pic...

me:  'which one?'

mom:  'the one in facebook...'

she says several people there told her about it...

oh...  really???  ahahaha...  whatever for?!?  ; p

hmmm...  my mom is my facebook friend but she is on my restricted list...  and i've turned off display of my activities on her newsfeed...  she freaks out at my tendency to post anything and everything (i trip, i post it...  i make a fool of myself, i post it...)...  and she especially doesn't like it when i post pics of our food...

now she tells me she wants to see the swimsuit pic others have told her about...  my mom is no prude and the pic is not at all lewd but i have a feeling she's not gonna be happy with it...  : }

oh, well...  so much for covers, hiding and exposing...  ; p

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