feeling famous

dinner at a restaurant with my mom, my aunts, my sister-in-law, my cousins and my niece.  as we were leaving, the owner pulled me aside:  'i'm going to show you something...'

me:  'what?'

owner:  'over there...'

me:  'i'm the driver, i have to go...'

owner:  ''twill be quick...'


well, we went over to this table and he showed me the nameplate on a chair:  'you know who this is?'

me:  'john lloyd cruz?  yes...  the actor...'

he pointed to the chair beside it...

owner:  'this one...'

me:  'bea alonzo?  yes...  you should put my name there, too:  cynthia <last name>...'

toinks!!!  ; )

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