Luke 6:38

i know there was a transport fare hike last june so before leaving the house, i asked how much the fare is.  i was told P8.50.  ok.

i rode a jeepney and handed the driver P10.00.

he gave me P2.00 back.

me:  'manong, how much is the fare?'

driver:  'P8.50...'

me, handing the driver P1:  'you gave me P2...'

driver:  'i don't have change, that's why...'

me:  'oh...  you can have the P1.  it's ok...'

driver:  'you can have it...'

me:  'i don't want to underpay...'

driver:  'it's ok...'

me:  'oh...  thank you...'

i kept the P1 and then a while later i saw another passenger pay the exact amount.

me:  'manong, you already have change, right?  here's the P1...'

the driver smiled, took the P1 and gave me 0.50 centavos.

guess what, walking around the mall i saw P1 on the floor  ->  double what i rightfully returned!  i normally see only 0.10s and 0.05s!  every once in a while 0.25 centavos.  that's quadruple and even twentyfold!

what you do comes back to you  ->  increased and multiplied...  \m/

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