leave yesterday behind

so yesterday my parents were again at this restaurant they frequent.

well, my mom goes, 'guess what!'

me:  'what?'

mom:  'i was getting food and there right beside me was <my ex>!'

me:  'oh?  how did he end up there?  that's too far from his place...'

mom:  'he was having a reunion with his classmates...  there were so many of them...'

me:  'ah...'

mom:  'one of them said you're fb friends...'

me:  'who?'

mom:  '<name>...'

me:  'oh!  how did she know you?'

mom:  '<ex> introduced me to his classmates...'


hmmm...  different strokes for different folks...  if that were me, i'd just talk to my in-law but i wouldn't go to the extent of fetching her from her table and bringing her to ours to introduce her to my group.  how is it?  like, 'guys, i'd like you to meet the mom of my ex...'

nyahaha...  whatever for?  ; p

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