i received three messages last night warning me of the incoming typhoon. [ thank you very much... i appreciate the concern : ) ] well, i made sure i acted on the warnings. i checked out my balcony right away to make sure the drainage is clear.

two weeks ago, i came home very early morning from a 14-hour flight to a flooded bedroom. ugh! i was looking forward to plopping into bed!!!

i was away for a week during which there were heavy rains in my place. i didn't know leaves have blocked the drainage in my balcony such that rainwater accumulated there then found its way inside my room. the ground floor was dry; the other rooms in the second floor were dry; only my bedroom, also on the second floor, was flooded -> an inch-high! waaaahhh!!! i was looking forward to resting! instead there i was mopping rainwater from my bedroom toward the bathroom drain. hu-hu-hu. so pathetic.

later it started to rain again. i was on the phone with my officemate and she was telling me to clear my balcony drain right away so water won't again seep through the door. i said i'll just do it the following morning. i was already so cozy in bed, i didn't want to be going out to the balcony to get wet in the rain. she was worried i'd get electrocuted or something. i said the outlets, my bed and all my stuff are high enough, never mind the water.

this is not the first time my bedroom got flooded. twice before i've left my windows open and upon arriving home i hear and feel water from under my feet upon entering my room. one other time the flood again came from the blocked balcony drainage.

i like to keep my windows open. i rarely go out to my balcony. but then you have to learn your lessons. i've been closing my windows whenever i go out. i also now periodically check my balcony. sometimes you have to make adjustments to avoid a repeat of certain things...

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