someone's looking

i don't usually allow guys to put their arms around me, hug me, give me a peck or anything physical. i reserve the privilege (really!) for relatives and, of course, for the one who owns my heart : )

last night, we had a send off party for a batchmate who was going back to the US. the batchmate has hugged just about everyone and when it came to me, i budged for a second but eventually gave in. someone remarked, 'it's ok, big brother is not looking anyway.' ('big brother' is another batchmate who's been interested in me since high school. nope, he is not, and was never, my boyfriend. ) came a rejoinder, 'yup, big brother is not looking but big sister is.'

it turns out our batchmate's partner was there and witnessed the short hug.

ooops : }

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