they bothered : }

this afternoon, i was on the phone with a balikbayan friend from australia. what do you know, he, too, has read my blog : } you put something on the web, of course, you don't really expect it to be hidden or something. but then i must say i really am surprised, and amused, that people actually bothered to read my blog, ha-ha-ha...

i received texts and e-mails re the ring on my finger. i was taken aback when someone knew about my car malfunction so soon after i blogged about it. i chuckled when the kindness i experienced from a stranger cropped up in a conversation. i had to pause awhile when someone asked just the other night whether the camera on my hand was the very one mentioned in my blog (hey, i posted that months ago!)

someone even sort of complained about one entry being too long. i was torn between telling her, you didn't really have to read it, you know, and being touched she was patient enough to endure it. me, i usually pass when i see too much text.

when people tell me they've read my blog, my immediate reaction is to ask which one. and the reply i've been getting has been, 'every single one.' whoa!

i've been on friendster how many years but never even once checked a single blog... maybe i should click around sometime...

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