wake-up call

i had a really, really sluggish day yesterday.  i went home 5 am from an early christmas party (yup!  scheduled early so as not to be in conflict with the surge of parties expected in the season) and was really, awfully sleepy to the core.

i actually wanted to go home early  ->  ok, ok, make that literally early, around 2:30 am when the party ended, but couldn't as two of my classmates wanted to wait up until 4:30 - 5:00 am saying it would be unsafe for them to go home at 2:30.  they requested to wait up at another classmate's house, a request my oh-so-gracious classmate was ready to oblige.

i posed strong objections saying i am the one who has very often lately been picking up and bringing home early mornings  : }  said classmate and i am not about to bring her home now with company who would stay at her house even just a couple more hours.  i said if she's going home at 2:30 am, she better really be going home to sleep and not going home to hang out some more with whoever for whatever.

i really am just so mortified as it is to show my face to my classmate's husband thinking if i were he i would not think so nicely of me given that i am the one he sees 'dragging' his wife to this and that.  actually, all these late night/early morning get-togethers, i am just an invitee and so is his wife.  it just so happens that their house is along my route so i just fetch and bring home his wife on these night outs.  the wife, by the way, was my grade school best friend.

anyway, i suggested the four of us just go to this 24-hour eatery where we could wait the morning.  they were not ok with it given that we were all girls.  they preferred our classmate's house.  i was starting to get annoyed already thinking others went home before midnight, they stay past and now have all these qualms about going home or spending time in some public place.

good thing our batchmates, as they have been wont to do, planned to go someplace else after the party.  i normally would not like these transfers/continuations but this time i welcomed it as it would give my classmates someplace to wait up the morning.

so first we go to this restaurant.  but then a batchmate was not comfortable with the place's sanitation so they decide that we transfer to another classmate's place instead.  pile into the vehicles we go and chat the morning away at that classmate's place up to 4:30 am.

i was supposed to go home to my place (i didn't want to be waking anyone at my parents' place so early on a weekend) but decide to make a u-turn to my parents' house at the last minute as i was having a hard time keeping my eyes open while driving.  very risky  : }

i ring my sister, she opens the door, i rush upstairs, change into night clothes and drop like a log on the bed.  i did not clean my face nor brush my teeth anymore.  yuck!  (ugh!  i couldn't believe i'm posting such a statement on the web!)

anyway, late in the morning, i was still in half-asleep mode when my sister enters the room.  she sees me (half-)awake and tells me someone called.  i ask who.  she says the caller didn't say but she is sure it isn't my grade school best friend.  i then text a batchmate to ask whether it was she who called.  negative.  by process of elimination i already knew who it was and return the call.

after the short conversation, i lay awhile on the bed then clean up to attend the 12:30 pm mass.

after mass, i go back to sleep.  around 5 pm (imagine!), i seem to be in a dreamy state where i hear my phone ringing.  i answer it in a half daze and was surprised to find that it is a call from my high school best friend.  i tell her i am at my parents' place and she could just call me at their land line.  she does, long distance, and i am all the more surprised (appalled!) at the reason she was calling.  it has something to do with a clarificatory e-mail i sent our e-group a week ago (she read just now) and she called to put in her two cents' worth.  i glared at her (if only she could see me over the phone, ha-ha) saying she wakes me up to call about something like that?!  helllooooooo!!!  she tells me it's 5 pm.  i relate to her how i got home at 5 am.  we talk and laugh and talk.  i end up chiding her all this time she never really bothered to call me long distance, she reads a clarificatory e-mail which is not even about her and suddenly she's on the phone?!  ugh!  the stuff that makes one call... : }

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