there's this e-mail that's going around about the supposed house in the US of a presidential candidate.  the first time i received said e-mail, it seemed uncannily familiar.

the e-mail began with the following text:

Imagine who would have such taste and live in such opulence?

An American Billionaire?

A Saudi Prince?

Louis XIV of France?

Savour the pictures then scroll to the bottom of the page to see who owns this Work of Art.

i was thinking i've seen those pics before.

i searched my mails and true enough, i found an e-mail with the exact same pictures sent to me on september 6, 2008.  subject line that time was 'Opulence? PLEASE PASS ON TO THE WORLD!'  the e-mail circulating this time has the subject line, 'Who owns a house like this??'

the september 2008 e-mail ended with:

This Mansion is in Harare and belongs to:

The President of Zimbabwe  -  Robert Mugabe -

While his people starve, and die because of no medical help....

and we are asked to help his people over and over again...

he and his family live like this.......

his GREED kills his people.....

Send this to everyone you know,

they can send it to everyone they know,

soon the world will know what this man is doing to his people.

the current e-mail (with the exact same house and pictures) ends with:

This Mansion is in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA and belongs to:

(Name of Presidential Candidate)  PHILIPPINES

While Filipinos starve, and die because of abject poverty ....

and while (Name of Presidential Candidate) brags that he had poor beginnings

and he had helped his poor countrymen over and over again...

but look now.. he and his family live like this.......his GREED kills his poverty stricken fellow Filipinos.

PLEASE send this to everyone you know.

They can send it to everyone they know.

Soon Filipinos around the world will know

what this man is doing

to the people he wishes to serve if elected President.

hmmm... when i told my dad earlier (before i searched and found among my mails the september 2008 version) about my memories of the same house but different owner pics, he said something about black propaganda, election campaigns, etc.  then he kidded, maybe (Presidential Candidate) has bought the house from the african owner.  we shared a chuckle that time.

just now before posting this blog i checked the web and found more about the said house.  i'd like to state here that i am not for the presidential candidate in question.  but i'd also like to say that if you have time maybe you could do some check yourself, not in the interest of any presidential candidate but in the interest of truth.

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