people notice

i received a text message last friday informing me of dance practice at the other building.  it was our group's turn at the flag ceremony presentations yesterday.

i was working on something long-overdue and so decided to skip dance practice and the presentation as well.  i was thinking there are so many others in the group anyway, no one would notice that i did not join.

monday as i watched the presentation from the grounds, my heart skipped a bit when i saw that they were dancing to 'nobody, nobody but you.' waaah!!!  i could have joined and would have loved to join that even without practice!  (ooops, sorry, modesty pushed aside big-time there, haha)  that tune reached waaaay beyond saturation point recently.  everybody was singing it.  everybody was dancing to it.

anyway, they changed the lyrics.  theme was accountability and the message was, YOU are accountable for your actions  ->  nobody, nobody but you.  hmmmm... nice...

at the grounds, one of the managers saw me and asked why i wasn't onstage (on the driveway, actually).  i said i wasn't able to attend practice.  i, in turn, asked why she, too, was on the grounds.  well, she, too, did not attend practice. a short while later, another manager walked by.  hey, so she skipped the dance, too.   goody-good.  at least i'm not the only one.

yesterday, even today, however, i've fielded quite a few questions as to why i was not part of the presentation.  (i've been joining the past dance presentations.)  my truthful and standard reply is that i wasn't able to attend practice.

i find it interesting that people noticed who were absent.  you have all these dancers in front of you and still you noticed that so-and-so was not around?  hmmmm... some people are observant.  we shouldn't bank on not being noticed, therefore.

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