pleasant surprises

my workday started with a pleasant surprise this morning.  it put a smile on my face... and also in my heart   : )

then work, work, work which, as if to balance my joy, stretched my patience and tolerance close to breaking point.  aaaarrrggghhhh!!!

afternoon, i was on the phone when i saw my officemates let in two guys at the office.  i thought they were there just for the usual official business.  then when i put down the phone, i was told they were my visitors.

oh, ok.  what can i do for you?

they hand me a paper bag saying it was sent by (blank).

whaaaat???!!!  so totally unexpected!

my officemates squealed in delight  ->  they like the guy.  uhm... ah... uhm...

i check the contents and saw chocolates aplenty.    ooops...  hmmm... hmmm... hmmm... last month, i posted in facebook that i'm going to spurn suitors who will give me chocolates.  i've long been trying to cut down but it's sooo hard when there they are being handed to you and staring you so invitingly in the face  : }

anyway, i told my officemates to choose which ones they want, just leave three for me to give to my mom.  they made their choice and we partook of them.  yum!

'twas, on balance, a pretty good day today... : )

i know i'll be happy again tomorrow.  nope, not a surprise.  something i know beforehand.

♫  it's raining... ♥♥♥
alleluia!  ♪

; )

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