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my mom has been trying to call loyola plans for several weeks now.  she's been following up something and was told in e-mail she'd be given feedback by first or second week of january.  it is now second week of february and still no feedback.

the number she has is 8405644, the number of the Senior Manager for Plan Benefit Administration & Customer Service.

okay.  i searched the web and was able to get the trunkline for Loyola Plans Consolidated, Inc., 8170000.

someone answered.  she said the manager my mom has been trying to call is right there but she's in a meeting so she cannot go to the phone.

no problem.  i asked for the manager's other number as my mom has been having a hard time getting through the number she has.

i was told there's just 8405644.

i asked for some other number in the same building.

i was given trunklines 8170000 and 8926076.

i said it's actually a trunkline i used for the current call.  i asked whether i could have some other number in the same floor.

again, i was told the manager's number is 8405644.

we were going back and forth with me repeatedly asking for some other number nearby not necessarily the manager's and she repeatedly replying with 8405644.  finally she passed the phone to someone else.

i apprised the next lady of what has transpired so far.  i told her my mom has been trying to call the manager but has been unable to get through so i was asking for some other number nearby not necessarily the manager's.

again, the reply was 8405644.

me:  'i was asking for 'some other number,'  a different number on the same floor...'

the reply?


me:  'different!  how do we define different?  not the same...  different digits...  different figures...'

again she gives me 8405644.

me:  'are you saying in that whole floor you have only one number?'

staff:  'no.'

me:  'then please give me another number...  not necessarily the manager's because it is very hard to get through that number.'

staff again gives me 8405644 then hangs up.

oh...  Benefit Administration & Customer Service, you say?

amiss...  : }

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