we were at a milkshake place and i suddenly squealed in delight when i saw the menu. they have vanilla nutella bailey's milkshake!

me: 'wow! everything i like is here! i love vanilla... i love nutella... i love bailey's... they're all in one shake!'

of course, that's what i ordered.  i love milkshake and i was thinking this just might be the ultimate milkshake for me.

when i sipped from the straw, however, the overpowering taste of bailey's took me by surprise!

me: 'whoa! i love bailey's but i've never had it this strong!  i've always sipped it gently... little by little...  this one just jumps at you!'

and then, i don't think i even tasted the nutella.

plus, the milkshake itself seemed too watery for me (yes, i did stir the whipped cream topping to the bottom so everything will be well-mixed).

me: 'hmmm...  i like the ingredients individually...  they're yummy on their own...  how come when they were put together i didn't find it yummy anymore?'

friend: 'it's just like, 'the whole...''

i cut in: ''is greater than the sum of its parts'? this one's less!'

: }

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