do it well

today i cooked breakfast for my sister (achievement unlocked! ;"p)... just corned beef... canned... purefoods...

first, i slow-cooked onions in just a bit of cooking oil on low heat
(note: everything here done on low heat and no pan covers)

i waited for some caramelization to appear -> say! i learned this from chef mitchie sison in a live cooking demo... thanks, chef... : )

and then i put in the potatoes

i stirred and stirred

once most of the onions have caramelized, i put in the garlic

i stirred maybe five times

once i got a whiff of the garlic, i put in the corned beef

i stirred to mix everything together well

i left the mixture alone and waited for some bubbles to appear

once they did, i stirred just once, waited around 10 seconds and then turned off the stove

i let it cool down a bit

and then i tasted it -> oh, wow!!! did i surprise myself! it was soooo yummy!!! serious!!! so flavorful... so tasty... so delicious!!! : D

i ended up eating breakfast right away (i was thinking such flavors would disappear if i let it sit longer)...

i've had countless corned beef at home and in commercial establishments (i'm looking at you, diners, resorts and five star hotels...), this is the best corned beef i've had in my whole life! (and yes, i'm turning gold this year...)

hah! maybe it's just corned beef -> but it's the best corned beef in the world... <bow>...  :")

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