hopeless romantic

maine mendoza / yaya dub on tv...

mom: 'has she performed?'

me: 'yes...'

mom: 'what did she do?'

me: 'cinderella something...'

mom: 'was she good?'

me: 'it was ok... nothing spectacular but the reaction was insane! they were in the news... worldwide trending topic on twitter... top spot! eat bulaga got all-time high ratings...'

i didn't see the live telecast but i watched on youtube nighttime... waaahhh!!! i'm a sucker for romance and i was teary-eyed <sniff, sniff, sniff>... :'(

i found myself clicking the most trivial of links about the unexpected pair of major leading man alden richards and showbiz newbie / dubsmash queen maine mendoza. i binge-watched all these aldub / maiden videos till dawn! : }

♩ ♪  God gave me you
to show me what's real
there's more to life
than just how i feel
and all that i'm worth
is right before my eyes
and all that i live for
though i didn't know why
now i do
'cause God gave me you  ♫ ♬

i'm rooting for love IRL... oh, yes!

♩ ♪  love moves in mysterious ways  ♫ ♬

go for it, aldub!

fairy tales do come true... <3 <3

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