in other words

i've been wanting to try max's crispy pata rice bowl since i first saw a poster over a month ago.  today i finally did.

when my sister arrived from the office, i happily told her i've tried the dish.

sister:  'was it good?'

me:  'yes...  i loved the banana!  it had three small slices of banana...'

sister:  'how 'bout the crispy pata?'

me:  'it was good.  tender, not crunchy.  it was the banana that i really liked though [i love bananas]...  perfectly fried...  perfectly ripe...  i'll go back to see whether it's consistently like that...'

sister:  'mom and dad were supposed to eat that today but they decided to go to french baker instead...'

me:  'how did you know?'

sister:  'mom texted me...  she was asking whether <brother> and i would like to join them...  i wasn't keen on crispy pata so i said no...'

me:  'gah!  you're so dense!  that means she wants you to pick them up!'

sister:  'oh!  sorry...  i didn't think of that...  <brother> didn't want to eat, too, so we just went straight home...'

me:  'ugh!  you two were dense!  next time she texts you, just go.  that's her way of saying pick them up...'

; )

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