perfect combination

picked up a patisserie filipino tablea tart by chef jacqueline laudico at chef laudico ok cafe today.  (yum!  the combination of dark chocolate and dulce de leche was just so good!)

when i called to place the order, i asked whether it's easy to get parking at the place.  i said i still have to catch something after so i'll have to give enough allowance finding parking, if ever.  guess what, the staff told me if i'm going to be quick then i need not park as she could just bring my order to my car when i arrive.

me:  'really?'

staff:  'yes, ma'am...  so you won't have to park and pay anymore.'

awww...  so thoughtful and considerate...

so that is what happened when i drove over today.

in some shops, the product is good but the service is not.  in others, the service is good but the product is not.  my experience at chef laudico ok cafe today combined good food with good service.

thank you, chef jac.  thank you, christine.  may your lives be full of the sweetest blessings...  : )

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