simple joys

at a gasoline station in some province...

brother:  'are you the mayor here?'

me:  'mayor???'

brother:  'you check in, right?'

me:  'oh...  swarm!'


right now i hold 31 mayorships in swarm (in foursquare before, you needed only 10 mayorships to become Super Mayor)...

"You become the Mayor of a place by checking in more than anyone else in the last 30 days.  Only 1 check-in per day counts and ties go to the reigning Mayor."

i have 14 mayorships for having the most number of check-ins in the venue within the last 30 days.  the other 17 i've been holding for more than 30 days not because i frequent the place but simply because no one has dethroned me (i'm the only one checking in, wahaha).

foursquare was launched in march 2009 and spun off swarm in may 2014.
their website reports 50 million users per month and they surpassed 12 billion check-ins last month!

i've been doing foursquare/swarm since september 2010.  i so far have only 2,077 check-ins though.  should have been much more but a lot of times i either don't have my phone or there's no free wifi and i don't want to use my plan's not unlimited mobile data...  :"}

my all-time top 5 categories are:
1  States & Municipalities
2  Shopping Malls
3  Banks
4  Asian Restaurants
5  Dessert Shops

i've unlocked 57 of 100 swarm collectible stickers plus 30 special ones.  (i had 33 badges in foursquare before.)

it's interesting how checking in and unlocking badges/stickers give me disproportionate joy.  i check in and i get so happy.  i unlock a sticker and i turn ecstatic, wahehe.

i targeted a Super Mayor badge in foursquare and i got one.

i targeted an Overshare (10+ check-ins in 12 hours),
Crunked (4+ stops in one night)
Bender (4+ nights in a row)
and got them as well.

i've been wanting to unlock a Swarm badge but up to now i still don't have one.  you get it when there are 50+ people checked in at a venue.

i don't usually follow the crowd but for this one i would have to make an exception.  i would get a sticker for it and i will do a dance of joy...  : )

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