good timing

i normally am on the phone an hour nightly before going to sleep.  last night, i wanted to avoid a certain caller so instead of just an hour, i kept my phone engaged for around two and a half hours.  close to midnight, i stopped it already.  guess what, it hasn't been free awhile and it already rang right away.  it was the caller i wanted to avoid on the other end.  i asked whether he's been calling long.  he said it was his first attempt.  he added he was supposed to call at 10 but got busy so he got to call midnight instead.  oh, so he was spared all the busy tones?!  hmmm... is that a sign or is that a sign?

weight issues

my officemate was telling me that this guy who's supposed to be interested in me was saying i've gained weight.

last week, i was on the phone with some other guy and he was asking whether i wanted to go on a diet.

a couple of months back, my ex and i saw each other and his first words to me were, 'you're so fat!' (?!)

hmmm... i actually like my current build.  i've experienced how it is to lose weight (unintentionally) and that time i also lost, uhm, ♪ my hump, my hump, my lovely lady lumps ♫, hahaha.  i didn't like it.  i haven't really liked the skinny types.  i prefer the fleshy ones with curves.

therefore, guys, if you find me overweight, go look somewhere else.  i am not going to slim down for you.  you just have to take me as i am.  years back, i bought my mom a desk organizer from papemelroti.  it said:  so what if you gain weight, there'd just be more of you to love...  ; )

matching from within

my officemate was asking whether i've bought my cereal and oatmeal.  i went, 'yikes... i haven't'  : }

she chides me:  you bought a lot but you didn't buy your food  >:(


i was at market! market! last sunday to buy rain-x, a rain repellant for the car's windshield (i was driving through really heavy rains earlier and couldn't see a thing!).  i couldn't find rain-x.  i got to buy instead:

-  three pairs of slippers
        two pairs, my standard ones with pointy soles
        one pair, fluffy bedroom slippers
-  a pair of shorts
-  a hooded, reversible jacket
-  two tops:  one formal, the other casual
-  a mini-flashlight
-  an indoor antenna
-  three identical tops for my best friend, my dear friend and me

actually, the three of us already have identical puerto galera shirts, identical swimsuits and identical java store shirts.  all of them we have yet to wear together.  the puerto galera shirts i bought in april 2008 yet  : }

uh-oh... maybe i'm the only one into this identical stuff.  i like wearing clothes identical to those of the ones i love.  my exes and i have had identical shirts, even identical pants.  i feel so happy whenever we wear matching outfits, hahaha (goodness, i'm so shallow!).  i really don't know why we've all gone our separate ways.  sad.  maybe instead of matching outfits i should work harder instead at matching hearts...

virtual vs real

my officemate was telling me that my plants have died already.  huh?!  i asked how she knew.  she said we are neighbors in farmtown.  oooops, virtual!  i didn't even know i had land in farmtown, hahaha

she said someone actually watered my plants and did this and did that for me.  wow... thank you very much  : )

actually, i get a lot of notices informing me that i've received this and that (virtual) gift from this and that friend.  i just go on clicking and accepting these gifts.  i've received all sorts:  animals, plants, bags, chocolates, hugs, kisses.   but i don't really proceed to the game.  it didn't really cross my mind that all the 'live' ones are dying of neglect already  : }

i think a lot of users are taking this virtual caretaking seriously.  last saturday, my goddaughter posted that she was TIRED (all caps so i suppose it means REALLY tired) but still managed to harvest her plants.  i asked whether she's talking about real plants or just farmtown, farmville, yoville.  she says none of the three, it's actually barn buddy.  oooops, hahaha.  two weeks ago my niece was begging me to accept her barn buddy request  ->  she said she needed a dog to guard her plot.  oh... ok, ok.

i dunno but i am not keen on going into these games where i have to take care of virtual stuff.  i prefer to take care of real, live people, hahaha.  the only virtual game i like right now is myminilife ( ).  i build a house, furnish it, i don't check it out a looooong time, when i come back, everything is still as nice and as orderly and as clean as it was during my last visit.  hmmm... if only real-life houses would be like that, too...


we had a scheduled activity at a highly restricted area yesterday. as preventive measure for H1N1, body temperature screening was being done at the gate.

so i drive over and the guard scans me. he says, "38˚!"

me: what?! i have a fever???

i was feeling fine actually.

he re-tries. still 38.

uh-oh... i am the one with continuing access here. all the rest only have a per activity pass. and then i'm the one who's going to be denied entry? how ironic : }

then the guard says he'll try my neck. scan. he smiles, "37˚, ma'am"

whew! what a relief... they let me in.

from as far back as i can remember, i've often been told i'm hot. LOL! not hot as in hot-hot, nor that hot-hot. rather, hot as in, you seem to have a fever. i dunno whether it's good or bad but i guess my body temp's just naturally that way. it has never been a cause of concern before. with this H1N1, it could be a potential source of problem. i dunno what i should do, or whether i should do anything at all...

balagtas, batangas

balagtas facebook posts:

July 21
accompanying my mom to batangas on friday... ugh, wala na ako special leaves... i've used up all 8 of them this year... this friday leave will already have an impact on my attendance rating : } oh, well... it's for my mom so i shouldn't mind... ' ♥♥♥ love ♥♥♥ you, műts... mwuah!!!

July 23
will be sleeping late tonight (as usual) and waking up early tomorrow (unusual)... : }

July 24

running late... all cabs taken... finally convinced my mom to take jeep to the bus station instead. i actually wanted to bring the car, she wouldn't let me. she doesn't want me to drive that far (3 hours one way)...

bus (going to balagtas, batangas) leaving station just now...

bus on the road now. my mom brought a word game book -> quotes in quiz, puzzles for the smart. me, i'm doing facebook on my smart phone, haha (my personal phone, ok. NOT official)

eating peanuts my mom bought from a vendor who boarded the bus...

hahaha... "i will give everything i own, just to have you back again..." playing in the bus...

now it's abba: "knowing me, knowing you, there is nothing we can do... we just have to face it this time we're through..."

done with bus ride. now in balagtas, batangas... on board jeepney going to disi. i ask what 'disi' is. DIego SIlang' daw, haha

now at max's batangas city, p. burgos branch for lunch. my mom is ordering 'chicken dinner;' me, 'platter meal.' hahaha.  hungry women you have here...

on board tricycle going to the wake we're attending. it's so hot : }

hey, we're here now. that was quick...

in car now. they're bringing us to the bus station. so nice of them to bother...

bus to cubao has left station. ' hope i get to nap on the road... ride bumpy... we'll see...

good road this star tollway. dunno though why vehicles suddenly slowed to a crawl...

oh, so toll gate is causing the bottleneck... i wonder what can be done about it... e-pass or something... think...

just got off bus. now in cab going to my parents' place. ugh, that traffic was AWFUL!

at my parents' place at last... my mom gave the cabbie a generous tip... in his joy, he wished her a hundred years more to live... wow!

leaving my parents' place now... i've brushed my teeth here. when i get home, all i'll do is clean my face and change into sleepwear. no more facebook; no more web. and i'm not taking any calls. i'm dozing off -> i still have work tomorrow : }


someone posted the following in facebook:

     Ano daw ang prutas na ayaw na ayaw ni Bill Gates?
     Sagot: Apple.

     Papaano mo raw malalaman ang bahay ni Steve Jobs?
     Sagot: walang Windows. 

i posted the following reaction:  hehe

the guy's reply:  tipid naman, usually tatlong he.

oooops... hahahahaha... hahahahaha... hahahahaha...

ei, that's a generous serving of has already... LOL!


every single day, a bunch of documents pass my office for review and signature.  last monday, to make the signing process a little fun, my officemate and i started trying out the requestors' surnames with my name.

cynthia ( surname )... nope, doesn't sound good...

cynthia ( surname )... no...

cynthia ( surname )... funny!

cynthia ( surname )... yuck!

cynthia ( surname )... nah!

cynthia ( surname )... hmmm... puwede...

cynthia ( surname )... awful!

cynthia ( surname )... worse, haha

cynthia ( surname )... ok...

cynthia ( surname )... what?!

cynthia ( surname )... ugh!

cynthia enriquez... hey, sounds good...

is there a free enriquez in the vicinity?  my numbers are...  LOL!

sleeping with a smile

i was awakened by a phone call this morning and on the other end, the guy was asking whether i slept with a smile last night.

me:  huh?!  you were the one i was talking to last night.

him:  precisely.  so, did you sleep with a smile last night?

eh?!  NO!  joke!!!  come to think of it, yup, i did... hmmmm...

= = = = = = = = = = =

*** background on the question ***

my phone rang shortly after office hours yesterday.

me:  why are you calling?

him:  nothing... just calling...

me:  hmmm... nothing?  ok, answer these... (and i proceed to ask him questions from an 8-page (!) trivial (haha) survey an officemate was then answering.  among the questions was, "did you go to sleep smiling last night?")

= = = = = = = = = = =

*** the survey ***

Are you a day or a night person?
-  night

What bad attitude do you hate most?
-  lying, back-stabbing

Do you like your boss?
-  depends on her mood, haha

What’s your comfort food?
-  chocolates, ice cream  : )

Is there someone who continuously lets you down?
-  continuously?  fortunately, none

Who was the last person that you held hands with?
-  romantic holding hands?  the hubby... ugh!  so long ago...  : }

Who/What do you have texts from in your inbox?
-  officemates, mom, closest friends

Do you have pet/s?
-  none

Where did you get your newest pants?
-  gaisano department store at market!market!
Where is your best friend right now?
-  at home i hope

Do you find smoking unattractive?
-  YUP!

Have you ever been suspended from school/office?
-  nope

Have your parents ever caught you drinking?
-  i don't drink

-  physically, yes... legally, nope  : }

Can you honestly say that you're okay right now?
-  yup

Could you go for the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?
-  sure... i don't really take alcohol...

What is the shortest time you can take getting ready in the morning?
-  i take hour-long showers  : }   but i get dressed really quickly...

Have you ever fallen asleep in someone's arms?
-  yes  : )

Do you find it difficult to sleep on your stomach?
-  i don't remember ever sleeping on my stomach

Would you like to put last night on repeat, and live it forever?
-  haha... 'twas good but it wasn't exceptionally special so maybe not...

Do you miss someone right now?
-  not really

What's the longest you've ever talked on the phone?
-  4 hours

What's your favorite season?
-  summer

What are you listening to?
-  nothing... i like silence...

Do you have a best friend?
-  yup

Are you happy?
-  yes  : )

Has anyone ever sang to you?
-  many

Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?
-  well, paris would be nice, haha

Is there anyone you know that deserves to get punched?
-  ooops... i don't like physical violence...

Who was the last person to cook for you?
-  mama in

Think a lot before you fall asleep?
-  i try to stick to happy thoughts before bedtime
How many hours did you sleep last night?
-  7

Would you ever consider piercing your lip?
-  yikes... nope...

Are promises important to you?
-  very
What was the last thing to annoy you?
-  work, haha

Do you believe that you could change for someone?
-  yup... but better to find someone i wouldn't have to change for...

Do you think you and your best friend will be friends in 10 years?
-  sure
Is there a baby in the room with you right now?
-  ' am all alone here

Do you have warts?
-  on the face... my best friend and i are supposed to have ours removed but we haven't come around it...

Ever jumped/fallen/been pushed in a pool with your clothes on?
-  yup... org initiation back in college... either you jump or you get pushed... i jumped...

What's the last thing you watched on TV?
-  hmmm... i saw pacquiao's mom dancing on TV when i went to my parents' place... (i haven't turned the TV on at my place this year... ugh!)

Can you do the alphabet in sign language?
-  yes

Do you have an uncle named Joe?
-  none

Is there anyone you trust completely?
-  completely?  well, people make mistakes... they have slips of the tongue... i try to be careful from source... if you don't divulge it, they can't spill it...

Is it easy to gain your trust?
-  nope
Is it easy to lose your trust?
-  yup

Does it bother you when people get drunk?
-  yes
Has a boy or girl called you baby before?
-  yup

What happened at 10:00 am today?
-  at the office

Have you ever asked a man  for advice?
-  yup

How’s your weekend?
-  rollercoaster

Been out side longer than 30 mins today?
-  outside as in outdoors?  nope... outside as in out of the house, yup  ->  office... it's a workday...

Has anyone said they love you in the last week?
-  yes  : )

What does your hair look like right now?
-  bad hair day as usual... i barely comb my hair, haha

When was the last time you cried?
-  july 6... haha... i checked my phone for the date...

Do you want to see someone this very moment?
-  why not?

Was it a beautiful day today?
-  workday... nothing special...
-  Did you go to sleep smiling last night?
haha... yup, i guess so...

Will next weekend be a good one?
-  we'll be having overtime work this saturday

What's the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?
-  pick up my phone... it's ringing awakened me...

Plans for tomorrow?
-  attend a meeting... complete as much of the pending stuff as i can...

Is there someone you don't ever want to be out of your life?
-  the ones i love

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
-  mon ami

Would you rather wear flat shoes or heels?
-  flats

What is one thing you do when you're mad?
-  frown

Your favorite color and most hated color
-  favorite's blue... not really hated but i don't like bold ones... the ones that assault the senses, haha... i like them subdued...

Is there someone you'd wait forever for?
-  i'd rather spend my time on the here and now...

Do you ignore people when you're mad/upset with them?
-  yup

Is it hard to make you smile?
-  nope... i'm sooo shallow, hahaha

What are you starting to realize?
-  that you don't always have to choose between being happy and being good... you can be both...

What are you looking forward to?
-  loooong, uninterrupted sleep

Is there any drink that you absolutely MUST drink cold?
-  i prefer my beverages room-temp

When was the last time you ate oatmeal
-  last week... my officemate gave hers to me... thanks, loi...  : )

If you could have something right now, what would it be?
-  i'd rather have someone, haha

Where is a dream place you want to visit?
-  jerusalem

Honestly, has anyone ever seen you in your underwear?
-  ' am often in my underwear, haha... my mom calls me boldstar...

When you're walking, do you stop to drink?
-  i don't really walk around with beverages... but if there's a fountain, yup, i'd drink if i'm thirsty

Do you have a best friend to lean on?
-  luckily, yes

Which is better sunrise or sunset?
-  ' am asleep sunrise so sunset maybe

Do you like being kissed when you are asleep?
-  i'd prefer it when i'm awake, haha
Could you go out in public looking like you do now?
-  no prob with me... dunno about the public, haha

Who's thinking about you right now?
-  someone i like, i suppose... i hope, haha
Biggest influence on your life (other than family)
-  the bible

What drugs (legal or not) do you keep in your purse, glove compartment, etc?
-  none... i don't take drugs... not even when i'm not feeling well... : }

Where is the last person you kissed?
-  at his place maybe

Promise to be honest?
-  sure

Is your heart broken right now?
-  it was but i've recovered...

Who is your last text from?
-  smart

Do you think that marrying your 3rd cousin is okay?
-  if the law allows it and if we're in love then ok

What is the last thing you said?
-  bye

Do you think you'll be married in 10 years?
-  i've been married

Would you ever consider adoption?
-  nope

Ever stolen money from a friend?
-  yikes... nope...

Is your current hair colour mostly your natural hair colour?
-  yup... haven't colored my hair ever
Who did you last tell a secret to?
-  my closest friends

Do you think you have made a difference in anyone's life?
-  oh, yes...

Do you like sour candy?
-  i don't like sour

Have you ever cut yourself on a tin can?
-  yup

Do you walk up stairs two at a time?
-  yes

Have you ever quoted a line from a movie?
-  yup... just this afternoon... carpe diem... dead poets' society

Have you ever seen a bat?
-  yup... we were out-of-town and it entered the room and flew all around... we were screaming like crazy, hahaha
Do you like the colour orange?
-  nope
What size shoes do you wear?
-  6 1/2 to 7

Are you in a good mood?
-  yup

Do you like snakes?
-  yikes!!!  no!!!
Does the Number 23 have any significance to you?
-  it's my sister's birthdate

Be honest, do you like people in general?
-  sure... why not?

Did someone bother you today?
-  bother as in interrupt?  yup... work-related...
   bother as in annoy, thankfully, none

What do you think about death?
-  we're all going to get there sooner or later

Do you know anyone named Dave?
-  i think so... but don't exactly remember now

Has anyone ever mistaken you for a family member?
-  none that i remember

Say you were given a drug test right now, would you pass or fail?
-  definitely pass

Who last made you laugh?
-  my officemates

What do your friends call you? 
-  cream, bong, cyn

not Lovers' Quarrel

*** morning ***

one of my staff will be away several months for a foreign training.  i told him to make sure the ones he leaves behind will be knowledgeable on his assignments before he flies.  i added he should not forget this other equipment as well, saying i'm not speaking with our usual tech support now so we'll be on our own.

he asks, "bakit, ma'am, LQ kayo?"

me:  "hooooy, anong LQ???  anong L?!"

he laughs, "Laging Quarrel..."

oooops, hahaha... hindi lagi, ha... bihirang-bihira lang... LOL!

= = = = = = = = = =

*** afternoon ***

my phone rings.

me:  o, i was just telling (my officemate) na hindi tayo peace how come you're calling me?

guy:  ha?!  hindi ba tayo peace???  bakit???

oooops... he didn't know i got mad at him... hahaha

then he tells me his companion is asking whether it's his girlfriend on the phone.

i go, 'and what did you say?'

he says he said, "yes."

huh?!  grrrrrrrrr...

rollercoaster sunday

july 19 facebook posts:

ooops, woke up with a runny nose and slight fever... ' am all alone here... 'wawa naman...

hahaha... i just read e-mail telling me i'm "striking parang kidlat...tdigssss!!!!" if he could only see me now -> feeling under the weather and looking awful. right now i'm more like someone you would strike out : }

whoa! i just came from the carwash. and making a u-turn to get to our village, there appeared the estranged hubby's car speeding perpendicular to me! ugh!

concert over the phone

guys singing to me over the phone is nothing new to me. all my exes have good singing voices, not really my requirement, just an unexpected bonus that came with the package.

last friday, someone i didn't believe when he said he was going to sing to me actually sang to me.  'twas a mini-concert which if mounted would see people asking for their money back, hahaha.  no, it's not the voice.  the voice was good actually.  i liked it.  it's just that he did not at all complete a single song.  he just sang bits and pieces of this and that song.

hear this though:  the moment he segued into his first song, as in, the first line of the first song, raindrops fell!!!  the timing was just unbelievable!  i was amused to the core, hahaha.  i kidded him there's a rain dance, is his a rain song?!  LOL!

all throughout, he was asking me what song i'd like him to sing.  i kept on saying it's up to him.  he'd sing something then he'd ask again.

he asked what song i liked.  i said i like i can go the distance.

what song is that?

i sing a part:

I will find my way,
I can go the distance,
I'll be there someday,
If I can be strong...

he doesn't recognize it, haha

i go, "from hercules..." and sing some more:

I don't care how far
I can go the distance
Till I find my hero's welcome
Waiting in your arms...

he said that one's difficult, he couldn't sing it.  (maybe he just found my rendition hard on the ears, hahaha)

i asked what songs he sings.

old songs.  hajji alejandro.

ok.  sing nakapagtataka.

nope, that's not something he sings.  hindi raw siya nagtataka, hahaha.

he again asks me for another song.

hmmm... you told me before you'd sing i don't wanna miss a thing, right?  go ahead.

that's too high...

me:  ano ba?!  tanong ka nang tanong pag may sinabi ako ayaw mo naman.  bahala ka na what you want to sing.

he sings sana kahit minsan:

Bakit ikaw ang nais na matanaw
Nitong mga mata
Tunay kayang nabighani ako...

i stop him saying that song's  not really for me.  he had earlier used the term 'nabighani' for someone else.

he laughs.  but later resumes:

Sana kahit minsan ay mapansin ako
Malaman mong kita’y mahal
At 'yan ang totoo
Huwag mong iisiping nagbibiro ako
Tunay ang pag-ibig na alay sa iyo
Sana kahit minsan ay mapansin ako...

hahaha... i tell him pansin na pansin ko siya actually...

from there he asks how about mahal na mahal kita also by ariel rivera?

how does it go?

he sings it.

ooops, initially i thought it was sapagka't kami ay tao lamang.  i'm not sure i've heard that song.

then he goes, you like how did you know, right?  i'll try to sing that.

he did.  and i sang along:

I remember so well
The day that you came into my life
You asked for my name
You had the most beautiful smile
My life started to change
I'd wake up each day feeling alright
With you right by my side
Makes me feel things will work out just fine
How did you know
I needed someone like you in my life
That there is an empty space in my heart
You came at the right...

suddenly the line was cut.  the complete line would have been:  You came at the right time in my life.

the rest of the song would be:

I'll never forget
How you brought the sun to shine in my life
And took all the worries and fears that I had
I guess what I'm really trying to say
It's not everyday that someone like you comes my way
No words can express how much I love you

hmmmm... talk about timing... the heavens would not let us get that far, not even in a song...

two pairs, not one

i had a 9 o'clock meeting last friday but past 9:00 when i went to the venue, the door was locked and no attendees were in sight.  there was an announcement of work suspension actually due to the heavy rains.

i therefore took the opportunity to go to the bank.  i was supposed to go monday yet but i couldn't squeeze it into my schedule.

there was only a slight drizzle when i left our building to walk to the bank.  yup, i just walk.  i don't bring the car; i don't take the available public transportation.  the weekly walk to the bank is actually my ONLY form of exercise  : }

so there i was in the bank and it was so quick as there were more open counters than there were customers.

from the bank i went to KFC just a building away to buy the food requested by my officemates.

from there i again walked back to our office.  guess what, halfway and heavy rains suddenly poured!  the umbrella could only protect me so much and i was getting wet from foot to mid-thigh!!!

i entered our room wailing, 'waaah!  my legs are cold...'

my officemate who plays badminton offered me her sweatpants.

i declined saying i could bear it.

she says if i don't change then veins are going to appear on my legs.

really???  yikes, borrow please...

she shows me two:  a pair of full-length red pants and a mid-calf white one.  i don't really like red so i went for the white.  then my wet pants i just hang in one of the tables inside my room.  i then went out but just within our office as i looked too casual even for casual friday, haha

going back to my room i was struck by the sight of my pants hanging from one of the side tables on the left and my regular desk straight ahead.  i laughingly told my officemate if the roving guard checks out my room with me sitting at my desk, he might think i am sitting in there with no pants on.  ooops, hahaha...

higher and higher

it was my nephew's birthday.  i asked him what gift he wanted.  he said nintendo ds lite.  i asked how much it is.  he said it's P7,500.

i go, "whuaaattt????  nope, no.  too expensive."

he appeals, "let it be your birthday and christmas gifts already, tita..."

me:  hmmmm.... hmmmm... hmmmm... hmmmm.... hmmmm... hmmmm... uhm... ah... uhm... ok... birthday and christmas... don't forget...
(last time we had the same deal but come christmas he has forgotten... i had to remind him for him to remember.)

so now we just arrived from the department store.  when we got there, it wasn't P7,500, it was P8,799.75.  ooops...

what more, it turns out if we buy just the basic unit, he won't be able to use it out of the box.  he needs this and that accessory for it to run.  they have a special price for a usable package  ->  P10,000.  !!!

the saleslady tells me that's a couple thousand pesos lower than if we buy the items individually.  yeah, i'm consoled...

i don't have the heart to let my nephew go home with an unplayable gadget so with eyes closed and wallet open i went ahead and purchased the bundle.

that should cover my gifts to him up to valentine 2010.  wait, i don't really buy him valentine gifts, do i?  oh, well...


my officemate and i were talking when we simultaneously blurted out, "so what!"

right away, we both tapped the table,
she saying, "money for me..."
me saying, "♥ ♥ ♥ boyfriend ♥ ♥ ♥ for me..."



for the longest time, i've been trying to adhere to a cinderella policy, i.e., home by midnight.  the policy, however, i've quite often honored in the breach  : }

the other night, i received the following text:

"u shld be home by now cinderella, dpat u na c sleeping beauty"

hahaha... ' love it  : )

i was compliant that night, parking in my garage 10 minutes before midnight.  but then i received a phone call after  ->  which lasted way past.  hmmmm... i don't really have a policy on phone calls.  right now it could be nutcracker ->  alive after midnight.  maybe it's about time i make it cinderella, too...


yesterday, i received a call from someone i've worked with only remotely (just over the phone).

i go, "o, kumusta ka na?"

his reply, "maganda."

me: "ay, bading ka pala?"

him: "oi, hindi ako bading 'no!"

me: "e ba't sabi mo maganda? dapat mabuti, di kaya guwapo..."

him: "ikaw ang maganda."

me: "huh???!!! binola mo pa 'ko! never pa tayong nagkita no!"

laughter on both ends... ; )

almeria facebook posts


flying to tacloban (on my way to some remote place i've never been) july 11, 4:20 am, cebu pacific 5J 651... those who know my number, wake-up call at 2:00 am please... thanks...


looking forward to making someone really dear to me happy tomorrow... : )


just got home. i did request a 2am wake up call. i don't think i'll still need it. looks like i'm not going to sleep anymore : }

on the plane now. i am amazed at my luck -> series! i thank god profusely...

at tacloban airport aboard a jeep which will take us to the terminal from where i will take i still don't know what to get to someplace i've never been

just checked my mails. my flight back tomorrow has been moved 15 minutes earlier. no prob. btw, first time ko mag-status update sa jeep, haha. puno. dami passengers. gamit namin nasa bubong

on board van now going to naval 2, 2 1/2 hours away. from there another vehicle transfer before i get to my final destination...

now on board jeep going to almeria, surrounded by six (!) guys trying to figure out where to drop me off. i have neither street nor house number. just the name of the person whose birthday i am attending...

reunited with my mama in (mama linda) : ) she's cooking now so i'm on the web. she was the one who took care of us siblings from the time i was a baby (that long!). she retired and returned to almeria last month and i am here now to join her on her birthday : )

birthday celebration has wrapped up. going to sleep now. tired but happy. flying home 5:45 pm tomorrow, cebu pacific 5J 658 : )


now at naval terminal onboard van going to tacloban airport. brought here by motorcycle. didn't know, was wearing flowing skirt : } add to that, no helmets...

ooops, dispatcher just asked for my name. he introduced himself to me then asked whether i'm single. ' told him i'm married. ' asked where my husband was. told him he's in manila, ugh!

arthur's theme playing in the van: if you get caught between the moon and new york city, the best that you can do is fall in love...

at tacloban airport waiting for 5:15 boarding. bought binagol and moron as pasalubong. ugh! didn't know they were heavy. ' should have bought before check-in : }

on board plane now. just realized my spaghetti top is not appropriate for mass. will have to change bèfore rushing to church : }

waiting in line for cab to home. didn't know we'd be leaving plane by walking on tarmac instead of through tube. my skirt was being blown up by the wind! feeling marilyn, hahaha


sakit sunburn ko... : }

officers and gentlemen

this morning on my way to the office, a military jeep tried to squeeze into my lane. by the time traffic stopped, i was already so close to the pavement and their vehicle has edged ahead of me. when it was time to move, i did not so they could get into my lane. guess what, they did not. instead, they waved me ahead. change of heart maybe after seeing it was a lady driver. hmmmm... officers and gentlemen after all...

money changer

yesterday i got a phone call from an officemate. he was asking whether i was still changing money.


changing old money with new.

ah, ok. yup.

i have this little personal crusade i started back in college. whenever i come across torn, taped, crumpled, old, yucky-looking bills, i ask to exchange them with a newer one. others would try to spend the money right away so it gets out of their hands. me, i retain them then deposit them to the bank. i have an aunt who used to work for the central bank. she said banks are supposed to surrender these bills to the CB and the CB replaces them with newer bills to freshen the money in circulation.

anyway, my officemate then asks whether a janitor came to exchange money with me yesterday.

i tell him no, i was at a meeting yesterday.

he then laughingly wonders aloud which cynthia the janitor approached. he said the janitor was telling him miss cynthia declined to change the money saying, 'what on earth is this guy trying to do? tell him to stop playing pranks on me!'

oooops... hahaha. there are many cynthias in our group, three of us on the same floor.

my officemate then resent the janitor and he appeared at my office with a really disgusting twenty peso bill. it was so disgusting i felt like my fingers were going to grow warts after having touched it. anyway, i exchanged it with a new one and i've deposited it to the bank.

next time you come across such bills, you know where to exchange them ; )

technical vs sales

this morning i listened in at a certain portion of the training being conducted at our office.  'twas ok. 

last friday when i passed them on my way to the water cooler, i kidded the attendees, '' you sure (the trainor) is not just pulling your leg?'

the trainor's rebuttal came quick, 'that cannot be, ma'am.  they're technical.  if they're sales i can do that...'


just the opposite

someone told me to check out the song chasing pavements by adele. i did. there was this line, "This ain't lust, I know this is love." hmmm... two other guys have dropped me that line before. i don't quite understand why they have to say that. not sure where i heard it, if someone says "it's not you, it's me," it's you... ; )

hopeful still

my cousin's wife posted the following in facebook:

"next week will mark 7 years! what's it like being married to the only one He made for you?......truly blessed! Still crazy in love!"

aaawww... swoon...

i've always dreamed of something like that for my marriage.  unfortunately, hopes do get crushed and not all dreams come true.  sad... and painful.  but it doesn't mean you stop hoping, nor do you stop dreaming.  i still believe in love.  and ' am still looking forward to that someone i would be with forever and beyond...

mood swing

i don't really put on music.  i don't turn on the radio (not even the tv : }).  but i often overhear songs played by others.  yesterday as i was hanging my laundry, it was  brown eyes  by  destiny's child:

i know that he loves me ‘cause he told me so
i know that he loves me ‘cause his feelings show
when he stares at me, you see he cares for me
you see how he is so deep in love

i know that he loves me ‘cause it’s obvious
i know that he loves me ‘cause it’s me he trusts
and he's missing me if he's not kissing me
and when he looks at me his brown eyes tell it so

aaaw, swoon... i was sooo happy  : )

then the song was followed by  patawarin mo xd  by  floetics  (this one i had to look up... i didn't know the song, neither the singer) :

hindi ako maniwala na wala na s'ya
ang babaeng minahal biglang nawala
parang kahapon ko lang s'yang kasama

sana'y patawarin mo mga kasalanan ko sa 'yo
ayoko na mawala ka
gusto ko habang buhay kitang makasama

suddenly i felt so sad.

then realizing that my emotions have swung from extremes in such short a time just because of two songs, i found myself smiling then feeling so silly.  ugh, songs...  : }

it's not about me

someone said he was going to sing me a song.  i thought he was kidding until he said he planned to sing ariel rivera's sana kahit minsan or ayoko na sana.  my eyebrows arched but came right back down again with his next line.  he said they're very old songs but they're his "bestsellers."  ooops, hahaha...

for a while there i thought he was dedicating the songs to me... ' turns out they're simply his signature songs... tone down on the conceit, girl  ; )


all the flash drives i've been getting hold of lately have these sex videos which were in the headlines recently.

last week at my parents' place, my niece came in sporting a short bob.  i went, "hey, new hair..."

she replies, "si katrina ako, tita..."


= = = = = = = = = =

my batchmates and i were at a videoke three sundays ago.  they were going over the song list and came upon careless whisper.  they struck an agreement that the guys would sing the song if the girls danced to it.  they asked me if it was ok with me.  i said ok.

so i set up the camera and the song was played.  i went first, as in, i danced first.  and guess what, no one wanted to follow.  huh?!  that is unfair!!!  i wasn't even part of the original agreement!  i pleaded with (forced? haha) the other girls to make good their word, i.e., dance as well.  i was going to erase the video if i'd be the only one dancing there. 

so there we were, in the spirit of good, clean, somewhat naughty fun, attempting to dance a la katrina while the guys attempted to sing a la hayden.  both attempts failed miserably, hahaha  (btw, we were all fully-clothed, ok)

later i was on the phone with someone.  we were talking about good singing voices, etc.  i mentioned to him that this batchmate i've heard sing several times before and in those instances, he was very decently able to carry a tune.  i don't understand why at the last videoke, his timing was awful and he was painfully off-key.

the guy's retort:  "sayawan mo ba naman, masisintunado nga 'yon!"

huh?!  hahaha!

purely eye-candy

there's someone i've literally just been seeing not really from afar for quite awhile now.  then last night, for the first time, we spoke.  oooops... turn-off  : }

looks can only get you so far.  i want someone i could not just look at but also speak with...

puzzled to amused

i received e-mail from an ex (boyfriend from years back) with the subject line, "Family photo."  my initial reaction was, "ooops... why would he send me his family's photo???"

i clicked and there was a slideshow.  the first slide started with, "On the left is my wife, in the middle is my mother-in-law, beside her is my sister and on the right is my sister-in-law."

hmmm... so i will see the wife... ok.

click.  another paragraph.

another click.  another paragraph.

two more clicks, two more paragraphs.

with each click, the possibility that it was his family's photo was getting more and more remote.

finally, the second slide  ->  the picture, the punchline.  hahaha.  boy, did it make me laugh.  let me know if you want a copy and i'll forward the mail  : )

old news

i saw a billboard along edsa showing a very pregnant dawn zulueta.

i told my officemate, "buntis pala si dawn?"

she looks at me funny then goes, "nanganak na!"

ooops... nine months and i didn't even know... ' am so out of touch  : }

seeing through

i was on the phone with my dear friend last night.  she said she saw the pics i sent and was telling me i was so sexy there.

i go, 'huh?!  which ones?'

she describes some pics.

me:  'how could that be?  i was wearing a sweater there.'

she pauses awhile then goes, 'yeah... but you were sexy inside...'

oooops... hahaha

regardless of the coverups you pile on the outside, those who know you will still know what's inside...