wrap rap

i bought six items at the department store.  i placed two small ones each inside the two biggest and then opted for recyled paper packing instead of plastic bag.

i saw the wrapper move one of the inner items from vertical to horizontal.

me:  'don't...  just leave it standing...'

wrapper:  'it won't fit the wrapper if it's vertical...'

me:  'oh?  it's just as high as the outer one...  when you wrap the outer item you'll cover the inner as well...'
[turns out i was not quite accurate there...  i measured when i got home...  the inner is taller by about an inch than the outer...  just one inch!  less than one inch!]

wrapper:  'our paper is just this size!'

me:  'oh, it's ok...  just let it peek...'

wrapper:  'why don't you want it horizontal?'

me:  'i don't want it to slant the other item...  if it's vertical there's plenty of room...'

wrapper:  'it won't fit our paper!'

me:  'fine with me even if it's partially exposed...'

wrapper:  'our paper is just this size!'

me:  'that's not really a problem.  either let it peek or add paper.  is that so hard?

you know, you're not very pleasant to customers...  who's your trainer?  that's not how it should be...'

whoa!  suddenly there was a change of tone...  the raised voice became soft...  the irritated demeanor changed to solicitousness (they offered to wrap the item i don't want squeezed separately...  they offered to tie the packages so they'd be easier to carry...)

me:  'oh!  suddenly you're kind...'
[ugh!  sorry...  i couldn't help it...]

moral of the story:
next time bring a reusable bag...

; p

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