good seed

scavenger knocked at the gate.  he was asking for 'kalakal' [stuff he could sell at the junk shop].

me:  'aw...  i've given mine away...  but i have pizza...  wait...'

so i cut my pizza in half (it's a big slice, the size of a dinner plate.), not quite evenly though so i brought the plate to him and asked him to choose which side he wants.

he picked the bigger size.


then i started eating mine.  i wanted him to see i was not just giving him leftovers but was actually sharing my meal with him.  was i surprised though when he put his pizza inside a plastic bag.

me:  'aw...  eat it now!  i just warmed that.'

scavenger:  'i'm going to bring it home...'

me:  'but it's best eaten now...  it might spoil if you enclose it in plastic...'

scavenger:  'i'll open the plastic...  i'm going to share it with my sibling...'

aww...  so young and so thoughtful!

me:  'how old is your sibling?'

scavenger:  'one...'

me:  'one?!  just eat the pizza...  i'll just give him a toy...'

so i went upstairs and got a mini-van (hehe...  yup...  i have such toys at my place...)...

me:  'here, give this to your sibling then just eat the pizza yourself...  while it's still warm...'

scavenger:  'no...  i'll bring the pizza home, too...'

aaarrggghhh...  so young and so selfless!

some adults could learn a lesson from this boy...

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