excused  ; )

a friend was inviting me to a dental mission this weekend.  i declined saying my face has not quite cleared up yet  ->  i had warts removed last weekend so now i look like i have a bit too many moles on my face  : }

she was assuring me it's okay relating that one time she herself went out with a dotted face.  so she was sleeping and without her knowledge her son got a pentel pen and put dots all over her face.  what the...?!  hahaha...  prankster!!!  : O

anyway, i told her mine are definitely not pentel-point-size but still i'd rather not show myself too publicly at this point.

she was telling me she'd like me to take pictures.  hmmm...  i said i'm sure there'll be others with cameras there.

this is a dental mission.  i am not a dentist.  my absence would not be a big loss.

there are times when one's presence is important.  there are times when they're merely nice-to-have.  in the latter case, it is ok to beg off.

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