my lolo

today, august 21, is the 28th anniversary of senator ninoy aquino's assassination.  it also marks what would have been my late grandfather's 112th birthday.

my grandfather, Juan R. Rarela, passed away at 91.

i was his favorite granddaughter.  i pulled out his gray hair.  i was often by his side, listening to his lofty adult discourse.  a lot of times, my young, shallow mind could not really relate to his topics.  but i stayed on, displaying more interest than i really had, nodding my head, dropping some smart(-alecky) statements which led to more animated stories i again had to feign interest in, hehe.

my grandfather was a bright and witty man, very meticulous.  i remember his dismay and frustrated remarks about missing 's' and misplaced apostrophes (yup, grammar and punctuation).

he was a noble politician, mayor of pakil, laguna from 1968 to 1971.

he had an eye for beautiful women but remained faithful to my beautiful grandmother.

though not much for physical displays of affection, he definitely was a loving family man.

HAPPY birthday, tata...  ♥

Juan Regalado Rarela
August 21, 1899 - September 12, 1990

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