reference check

i just got a call from someone doing a reference check on one of my former subordinates. well, i had nothing but the best of words for the girl.

the questions focused on work performance but i had to add that as far as this person is concerned, it's not just the technical / professional side that is good, the personal aspect as well. you don't always get such a package. sometimes, technically you're great but personally, you're off. other times, personally you're ok, but technically you suck. supposedly in the office, if push comes to shove, you'd prefer the's a work environment anyway, not a social gathering. you need professionally competent people more than you do socially adept ones. laughter and smiles lighten but don't solve technical issues, knowledge and skill do.

anyway, i wish this subordinate all the best. she has come a loooong way and deservedly so. she's hardworking, highly-competent, resourceful and adaptable -> definitely an asset to any company.

continue your rise, girl. reach higher; go farther; journey to the top. you're one good proof that merit has its rewards... : )

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