let me

ooops...  after coordinating everyone's sched, now it's the venue that's not available...

hmmm...  they should have asked me to be the one to call...  i'm persistent...  uhm, persuasive...  i find ways (haha, BDO, is that you?  ; ))

most important, God has been showering me with preferential treatment lately i am just in awe...  and extremely grateful...

most recent examples:

last monday, i worked the phones and e-mail, and within 24 hours, an item was delivered for a friend when it should be within 3 to 7 working days.  what more, reservation was made just the day before, more than two weeks after the deadline!  to top it off, the customer who purchased and paid for the item was out of the country and the merchant for some reason (persistence, pleas, prayers) accommodated my requests on her behalf.

wednesday, there was some requirement that i forgot and yet my transaction was allowed...

today is friday, i am ripe for another blessing...  ; )

God willing, i can swing this, too...  : )))

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