reference points

yesterday, i asked an officemate to give a document to someone at the third floor.  after some time, he hasn't come back yet.  i was wondering what's taking him so long considering that the destination is just a floor above ours.

and then i received a call from him.  he said the person to whom he was supposed to hand the document was not there.  i went, 'huh?!  someone just texted me that he is there.'

he repeats the person is not around.

i asked, 'how about so-and-so?'

he went, 'she's not here.'


'not here.  only sir xyz is here.'

'huh?!  where are you???'

'at the third floor.'

'3rd floor, boardroom, our building?'

'no.  3rd floor, executive conference room, other building.'

ooops, wrong place  : }

my parents had a similar experience.  so they were talking about something and they were having a hard time getting understood by each other.

my mom went, 'near the calendar... behind you at the dining table.'

my dad goes, 'behind?!  but the calendar is in front of me when i'm at the dining table.'

they both laughed when they realized that they had different reference points.  my mom was talking about  the house in the province; my dad had in mind the house in the city.


the difference

we have an activity where my office's concern is supposed to be attended to sometime between midnight and dawn.  i told my officemate to make sure the one who is going to call me will keep on ringing until i wake up and acknowledge.

someone who overheard the instruction commented that i am easily awakened as when he texts me i go, 'you woke me up!'

ha-ha-ha... hello, he texts me when i am just about to fall asleep or i am nearing wake up time.  sure i'll be awakened then.  but this other call is supposed to come at around the time i am in deep slumber... good luck, caller... let's hope you are successful in your attempt  : }

what's wrong ; )

this made me chuckle:


we search so much for the rigth choices...

for the rigth paths to walk through...

for the rigth time...

for the rigth person...

and for the rigth reasons...

only to find out...

mali pala spelling ng right!


be not afraid

i was awakened by my phone's message tone this morning.  i didn't feel like getting up yet but i did because we have provincial activities today and i wanted to be sure the text did not come from our personnel at the sites.

well, what do you know,  the message was:

ashes to ashes
dust to dust...

we are dust
and to dust we shall return!...

magandang morning...

first thought that came to sleepy me was, 'yikes, so morbid.  is this a death threat???'  but then there was 'good morning' so it couldn't be that bad.  back to bed i went.

later my mom reminds me that it is ash wednesday.  ooops, ha-ha-ha... i forgot... that explains why...

no laughing matter

i was driving home last night when i received text messages, one of which entered my inbox twice in a span of 10 minutes. and then two hours later, a third copy of the same message again entered my inbox.

i therefore texted the sender telling him i received his message thrice. i also forwarded to him another message of his which obviously was sent earlier than his other messages but i received much later.

at about the same time i was forwarding to him his messages, i received another text from him saying my texts repeatedly entered his inbox, "3 each."

i replied:

Ganun?! Bka iluvu. JOKE!
Hmmm. Actualy ung sau dn 3x pumasok ung 1 e. Bat kya?
Nwy, cge laro kna. Gluck. Gnyt

the next message i received floored me: Bwal mag i luv u.

huh?! what the...???!!! it was a joke (all caps in my text!) made simply because three is associated with i love you. the statement doesn't mean i was proposing to him, hello!  so preposterous, excuse me.  i find it embarrassingly amusing / amusingly embarrassing.

i told myself next time i'll be careful what i kid about : }

this afternoon on speaker phone, my officemates were ribbing him, "Bawal mag i love you."  (yup, i told my officemates about the embarrassing / amusing exchange.)  to make up, he called out to me and said "je t'aime."  ha-ha-ha.  i was tempted to make repartee but did not.  i learn my lessons well.  i love yous are no joke.  only say it when you mean it.

to each his own

last saturday, i had to settle some urgent matters. not having a landline, having iffy cell phone balance for a prolonged phone call and not having the patience to type on the cell phone's teenie-weenie keypad instructions re this and that, i decided to just drive off to gloria jean's to go online using their free wifi.

after settling things, this exchange:

me : a, k. o cge na... upload na me... sulitin ko pnta ko d2, ha-ha
him: hahahah
him: baka me makpag kilala sa u
him: heheehe
him: malayo ba yan?
me : nasa corner na corner me...
him: malayo ba yan?
me : lapit lang sa haus... 15 mins lng
him: e di mas lapitin ka kasi madali ka ma corner
him: haahha
him: I meant malayo ba yan pag pumunta ako dyan?
me : dami kaya tao... small table lng 2
him: I meant malayo ba yan pag pumunta ako dyan?
me : lol! d pwede... d me nagbra... baka masyado ka magenjoy... d p nga me ligo e... yuck
him: what?
him: seryoso?
him: lumalabas ka ng walang bra?
me : pag ako lang... d nmn me kilala d2... ha-ha-ha
him: kahit na
me : cyempre pag my kasama hindi...
him: ako nga di lumalabas ng walang brief e
him: kahit na me ibang tao kaya na nakaka kita sa u
me : lol! ano naman paki ko sa brief mo?
him: buti sana kung invisible ka
him: hahaha
him: wala ka paki sa brief ko

ha-ha-ha... precisely!!! his undergarments are none of my business in the same way mine are none of his. when it comes to these things, to each his own... ; )

not angry but wisened

at mass this evening, the priest talked about forgiveness. he said forgive and then your enemies who do not do the same will remain boiling mad at you not knowing you're not even thinking about them anymore and are living your life so happily. ha-ha-ha... so appropriate.

just a couple of hours back, i was awakened by the alert tone of my cell phone. it was someone asking how i was. the number is not in my contact list so i asked who it was. well, it was someone who caught my ire a couple of weeks back. he had a new number and he was asking whether i was still mad at him. huh?! the question surprised me and i told him not anymore.

he, however, insists he knows i'm still mad saying he dreamt about me last night and i was still mad at him. eh?! this is hilarious, ha-ha-ha

i repeated i wasn't mad at him anymore and he should already forget about it. i was actually tempted to say i haven't even been thinking about him at all, hello!

he promises (yup! he used the word promise, ha-ha-ha) to make up.

i told him what happened is now past and he should now relax.

he loosens up and thanks me. oh, good... he-he-he

i never thought my 'fury' (hahaha) affected him up to now. imagine, dreaming about it last night and texting me 6 pm today. that bad, eh?!

when i'm angry, i say my piece and that's it. i don't dwell on it. expect me, however, to learn from the experience. the anger subsides but the lesson remains. henceforth i'll be acting accordingly, even bringing it up whenever applicable ; )

crush survey

1. Sinong mas matangkad sa inyo ng crush mo?


2. Ano ang kulay nya?

ha-ha... anong klaseng tanong ‘yan? kulay blue? joke… basta hindi siya maputi…

3. Sino mas matalino sa inyo?

di ko ‘lam. sana siya

4. Kailan mo sya last nakita?

ooops, pag sinabi ko when baka magka-hint siya na crush ko siya

5. Kailan mo sya last nakausap?

same answer as 4

6. Close kayo?

minsan... depende sa ihip ng hangin, he-he

7. Ano klase buhok nya?

ano ba 'yun?! wig? joke... tama lang, not long, not crew cut

8. Magaling sumayaw?

hmmm, di ko pa nakita

9. Magaling kumanta?


10. Saan siya magaling?

magmahal? ; )

11. Alam ba nya na crush mo sya?

wish niya lang, he-he

12. Kilala ka ba nya?


13. Alam nya name mo?

oo naman

14. Naka-text mo na?


15. May karibal ka?

meron, hu-hu-hu

16. Gaano katagal mo na sya crush?

tagal na

17. Saan mo sya unang nakita?

ay, baka malaman niyang siya pag sinabi ko

18. Paano kayo nagkkilala?

same as 17

19. Sasabihin mo ba sa kanya someday?

only pag naging kami... kaya lang, malabo e...

20. Anong pangalan nya?

ooops, di ko naman ia-announce dito 'yun no!

21. Narinig mo na ba boses nya?

oo naman

22. May binigay na ba sya sa yo?


23. May binigay ka na ba sa kanya?

time... attention... ha-ha

24. Kilala ba siya ng friends mo?

hindi lahat

25. E kilala mo ba friends nya?

'yung iba

26. Pano pag nabalitaan niyang crush mo sya?

malabong mangyari...

27. E pano naman kung crush ka din nya?

actually, crush niya 'ko, ha-ha

28. Ano sa tingin mo mangyayare sa inyo pag nalaman nya?

wala... it's complicated, hu-hu-hu

29. May idea na ba sya?

na crush ko siya? wala... 'yaw ko malaman niya... kasi di naman puwede e...

30. last na toh, message mo sa kanya.

hindi lahat ng gustong gawin, dapat gawin. hindi lahat ng feelings, ina-aksyunan... haay...

31. Pahabol lang, kunware tinanong niya kung sino crush mo?

sasabihin ko he doesn't need to know...

of love and pork rinds

my friend and i went to a birthday dinner last night. we were ushered to the house by the help, who told us the birthday celebrator was still taking a shower while his wife, my best friend, was still getting dressed.

my friend and i therefore went straight to the dining area to put down the cake we brought. there we were greeted by the dinner spread among which were pork slabs with what seemed like the crunchiest of rinds. yummy!!! i told my friend i was oh-so-tempted to rip off a piece. she told me to go ahead. i said we should wait for the celebrator.

so we were at the dining table, talking and waiting and talking, and every now and then i'll sigh to my friend how much i wanted the pork rind already. ugh! she'd always just tell me to go ahead and take a bite, i'd always just tell her we should wait for the couple. the longer we waited, the sillier i felt what with this intensifying craving for this something which was right in front of me but i couldn't have. well, actually, i could have it but it didn't seem right to be munching off without even greeting the celebrator first.

after what seemed like forever, the househelp went upstairs. apparently, she told the couple my friend and i have been waiting downstairs. from the dining area, we heard, 'they're there already?!!! waiting???!!! why didn't you tell us?!'

down came rushing my best friend and her husband, apologizing for the wait, saying they themselves were also waiting for us to arrive. the husband said he was thinking my dear friend was probably going to arrive midnight again. (my friend has irregular work hours and it's not unusual for her to finish her assignments late night.)

then we all sat down together for the dinner and i finally got to take a bite of the pork rind. goody-good!!! it seemed doubly delicious giving heightened satisfaction what with the delay. it was worth the wait and i was sooo happy : )

i pray the love i've been waiting for will be like that, too...


i was asking an officemate, 'are any of the laptops _______?'

he answered, 'none. just a few.' eh?!

i told him his reply reminded me of a similar line an officemate dropped at a meeting last week. so i was asking whether a certain batch of equipment are still in good working condition. this guy, often witty and/or sarcastic, butted in with, "all are working. some are not."

yeah, right ; )

a better place

i often have more than one meeting in a day, sometimes overlapping. today, however, i have only one meeting. this one is usually attended by my assistant but since current activities impact something i was the one who handled, i myself set to attend.

come meeting time, i told my assistant to go ahead, i'll just follow as i was still finishing something. she asked, 'do i still have to be there when you already are?'

i said she's better off at the meeting than in our room.

at the meeting, one of the attendees noticed that both me and my assistant were present. she remarked, 'wow, your office is in full force!'

i explained why. nope, not the import of the activities. it's just that the renovation/cabling guys are working in our room, using headache-inducing rugby, and we didn't want to stay at the area, ha-ha-ha

snacks first

i attended an inter-agency meeting this afternoon.

going there, i rode the train aboard the exclusively-for-females car. one time i had a meeting at the place, i related to my officemates how i could not believe it that i was the only female in the jam-packed train. they told me i should have boarded the all-female car. ooops, i didn't know there was such. now i do, and i am so happy : )

anyway, at the venue, it was already past the supposed start time and the meeting hasn't started yet. we were still waiting for the other attendees. suddenly the door opened. those near let out a collective, "ayan na!"

in came the food delivery guy. ooops, we thought it was the awaited attendees.

someone joked, 'not them, someone more important...'


valentine texts

i'd like to share the following texts i received yesterday:

= = = = = = = = = = = =

()"" ')  '+,    ",+'
(  ,'o')") "+,+"



cute  : )

= = = = = = = = = = = =

 (happy valentne)
"+.   to Y0U  .+"
     "+..     ..+"

a message from my §HEART§

a place where i keep SPECIAL people

like YOU


sweet  : )

= = = = = = = = = = = =

2 ol lovers,
may u have more swit moments together!

to ol single,
hope cupid wil be kind enuf to find sm1 4 u.

to ol broken,
lyf goes on so juz smile n enjoy..
hu knows u myt fnd sm1 better..

to ol inluv,
hope it wil last 4ever..

Happy Love month!


comprehensive, he-he

= = = = = = = = = = = =

Binabti ko ang lhat ng NAGMAMAHALAN ngayon...









Grabe! Nagmmhalan tlga!  Hehe

Happy Valentine's day!!!


funny  ; )

= = = = = = = = = = = =

Happy Valentine. How i wish ur back with ___________


ooops... : }

= = = = = = = = = = = =

who you?



i was sorting pics (no date on valentine's. by choice. i didn't want to go out with anyone as he might think he's the special one, ha-ha), when i saw this scan of a poem i received 28 years ago:

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

To A Girl Named Cynthia

Thy Eyes

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Division Secondary Schools Press Conference
October 28, 1980

To A Girl with Sexy Eyes

Let your eyes be my mirror
I saw you standing but felt your eyes dreaming of things I know not
I felt your eyes asking of questions I never thought
I asked myself of the things I might do when you will look at me
But I found myself dumbfounded when I called and you looked away
Then I saw "me" following that glance
And I thought of dreaming dreams that never were.

Thanks for Sharing the Beauty of Your Eyes

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

it was quickly handed to me at a multi-school gathering, the Division Secondary Schools Press Conference in October 1980.

i never got to know the writer. i was curious then, curious again now.

if there's anyone out there who knows who sent me this, i'd appreciate the info. not for anything else. it just would be nice to finally know something that has been hidden for decades.

happy valentine's day!!!

: )

valentine baby

we had our valentine celebration at the office today.  we all ate out together for lunch; we had games; we exchanged gifts; we had a mr. and miss valentine : )

yesterday, we drew lots on who our 'baby' for the day will be.  hearts were cut in half; the guys picked from the first set of halves; the girls, from the second.  after that, you had to find your half heart's other half.  whoever completed your heart would be your valentine baby.  you're supposed to take care of him/her for the day.

days back, i said i really hope i won't have any meeting this friday.  i was wondering how my partner could take care of me if i am not around.  an officemate said, he could just send me text messages.  another said, he could attend my meeting with me and there he'd prepare me coffee, etc., ha-ha-ha

luckily, i didn't have any meeting today.  i'd say my partner was well taken care of by me.  last night i went to the grocery and bought eight different items for him to snack on every hour.  just little things:  bread and crackers and cookies, a chocolate bar, chips, nuts.  he, however, did not baby me at all, waaah!!!  the other 'couples' were sweet and caring.  he just kept on smiling : }

this morning, my officemate was on the phone with a supplier and he told me the guy was asking whether he could take my partner's place and he'd just be the one to take care of me for the day.  i just laughed it off.  on hindsight, i should have taken the offer.  ooops, just kidding mike.  even if you neglected me today, hu-hu-hu, i'd still like to thank you for being my partner.  next year be sweet, ok  ; )

heart day

my friends and i attended a valentine party last night.  the hosts warmly welcomed us and pushed us to get our food right away.  thanks : )

after filling our plates, they suddenly went, "wait, injection before eating..."


they then taped a toothpick at the junction of our arm and forearm (that part behind the elbow, i don't know what it's called : }).  you had to keep your arms straight otherwise the toothpick would pierce your flesh.  yikes, how are we going to eat if we cannot bend our arms?

they said we'll have to feed each other.  it's a valentine party, you take care of your friends.  hmmm... nice idea...

so, arms straight, my friends and i fed each other.  uncomfortable but fun : )

i went back to the spread eyeing the barbecue.  i was trying to figure out a way to get one when a guy came over and said he was going to take care of it.  he picked up a stick and fed me.  sweet... and cute, too... taken though, so pass : }

after eating, there were games.  one was where you had to list down the names of four persons, still living, dearest and most important to you.  we made our lists. and then a journey of elimination : }

the four are in a boat and there's a storm.  you had to sacrifice one person otherwise the boat would sink.  who would you let go?  ooops.  this went on until you are left with only one person.  hmmm... not the most pleasant of games.  the decision-making part and the stories and explanations after tug at your heartstrings...

according to the host, the times they played this game, he noticed a pattern.  the wives sacrificed the husbands first. the husbands kept the wives to the end.  hmmm!!!  hmmmm???  hmmmm...

some other cynthia

i was attending a seminar outside office this morning when i received a text message informing me that my mom was at my office.  really?!  why would she be there?  i called and asked to talk to her.

ooops, the voice was not at all like that of my mom's.  i thought maybe it was my mama in (mama linda, the one who took care of me when i was still a baby -> taking care of me up to now, actually.  thanks, mama in : )).  nope, not mama in.  hmmm...

baffled, i said, "si cynthia po ito.  nandiyan daw po ang nanay ko?"

the woman on the other end suddenly moved the phone farther and i heard, "cynthia (some other surname)"

ooops, she was looking for the cynthia whose office is just right beside mine  : }

years back, i had a similar experience.  someone called the office looking for cynthia.  my officemate gave the phone to me.  it was a guy.  we've been on the phone quite a while and still i couldn't understand any of the things he was saying.

puzzled, i asked, 'are you sure we've talked before?'

he said, 'yes.  at (i can't recall the place anymore)'

i was like, 'huh?!  i've never been there!'

he goes, 'you are cynthia, right?'

i reply, 'yes.  cynthia (my surname)'

from the other end, 'ay, (some other surname)'

no wonder i couldn't recall any of the things he was saying we talked about.  for a while there i thought i've grown frighteningly forgetful  : }

during one of our provincial deployments, i received a call from our technical personnel.  he needed a decision on something.  i asked to talk to the chief of a particular section and she greeted me with a very warm and enthusiastic, "aay, ma'am cynthia!!! : )"

hmmm, it was our first time to talk.  i thought maybe they're just really friendly and accommodating in the provinces.  somewhere in the conversation, i requested her to please pass the phone to whoever was in charge of a certain task.  she called out to someone and, to my surprise, i heard her say, "kausapin ka raw ni ma'am cynthia (not my surname)"

ooops, i did introduce myself complete with surname and office.  ' turns out it did not register  : }

right here

i was in a meeting this afternoon when my phone rang.  i couldn't hear the caller so i went out of the room.  outside, i uttered the caller's name and one of her staff told me, 'she's inside...'  (the caller's office is just beside the boardroom where the meeting was being held.)

i peeked at her office, and there she was.  we both were surprised to see each other.  she said she thought i was at some other meeting.  i said i thought she was at the other building.  we continued our conversation in person...

last month, i texted a supplier to call me.  right after sending the message, he suddenly popped up in front of me.  i didn't know he was coming over : }

and then last year, i received a text from my mom:  'it's already late.  what time are you coming home?  don't stay out too late'

ooops.  i've been long in bed when she sent that text, in the bedroom just a room away from theirs.  i did not anymore go to my parents' room when i arrived as their lights were already out.

following morning my mom and i were laughing at how we could miss each other in such an ultra-mini 'mansion' of a house, ha-ha-ha

T mystery

This had me in stitches:

Madalas akong mapagtanungan ng direction papunta sa Cobalt Room.

"Doc, saan po ba ang Cobal?"

Yes, laging walang t.
Marami ang gumagamit sa term na Cobal.
Saan napunta ang t?

Marami din kasing nagtatanong,
"Doc, saan po ba ang papuntang X-tray?"

Ang t ng Cobal, ay napunta sa X-tray.


once bitten, twice shy

i received an unexpected call last night.  actually, the call itself was not unexpected.  the caller is someone i talk to on a regular basis, sometimes daily, no less than weekly.

it was her story that was unexpected.  someone so rudely livid at her, at one time even physically hostile to her, suddenly called up to smoke the peace pipe.  whoa!  isn't that good?  : )

now the caller was asking me what she should do.  i said up to her, whatever she feels like doing.

she said she wants advice.  ooops.  not sure i'm a good resource.  anyway, i told her if the other party asked for forgiveness then forgive.  as to being chummy, depends on how she feels at the moment.  forgiveness and closeness do not necessarily have to come together right away.  the latter could come later, even not at all.

years back, i came across my mom's Science of the Mind notes.  one line struck me, and has stayed with me eversince:  Forgiveness does not mean you have to continue having that person in your life.

i'd say true.  you forgive.  but make sure you do not forget the lesson.

when people who have hurt you or have been mean to you ask for forgiveness, then by all means forgive.  but then they should not take it against you when things don't go back to how they were before.  actions have consequences.  not everything that has been broken can be restored to its original state.  some things could change.  this does not mean you failed to forgive or remain angry.  it could simply mean you've learned to be cautious.  that is understandable...


i received a text this evening with the texter informing me that he was meeting up with some old pals and he hopes he'll be the handsomest in the group.

i told the texter it's enough that he is handsome, he need not aspire to be the handsomest.

his reply:  'you said i'm handsome!  you cannot take it back.'

eh!?  my point was about not aspiring to be the handsomest.  his focus was on the fact that i said he was handsome.  ha-ha-ha.  oh, well...

this afternoon, i was angry on the phone, venting out to someone assigned to earlier deployments:  'i was constantly calling him!  every break i got, i was calling him!  and yet he did not follow my instructions?!!!'

the reaction on the other end was, 'you didn't do that to me.'

me:  'do what?'


'huh?!  hello, i was calling you, too!  every single one of you i was calling.'

'but not every break...'

ooops, i didn't know whether i should be amused or angrier.  there i was ranting about someone not following instructions and i have this listener comparing number of calls.  ugh!

months back, this guy and i were in a similar circumstance.  that time, he had just broken my trust (grrrr!) so when i received the following text, i forwarded it to him:

1 day, a b0y asked his girl..

Boy: “What if I broke your trust someday?”

Girl just replied,
“Trusting you was my DECISI0N
& proving me right is your CH0ICE.”

his reply:  "... does that mean ur my girl?"

huh?!  aaaaaaaaaaarrrgh!!!


1. What is your full name?

maria cynthia _________ _______

2.  What is your nickname(s)?

bong, bonsai, bon

3. When is your birthday?

scorpio snake

4. Real hair color?


5. What is your shoe size?

6 1/2 to 7

6. What is your current job?

uhm... ah... uhm...

7. How many towns have you lived in?


8. What kind of car do you drive?


9. How many keys on your key ring?

~ 10

10.  What time did you get up this morning?

7 am... my alarm is set at that time...

11.  What do you usually have for breakfast?

i don't eat breakfast;
but if i'm at my parents' place, staple's rice and bread and banana and fresh buco juice

12. How are you today?

fine, thank you

13. What are you listening to right now?

nothing... i like silence...

14. What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to?

non-working days

15. What was your most recent memorable birthday?

last year... i spent it with people who matter most to me... family daytime, friends nighttime...

following day, my officemates posted birthday stickers on their clothes to greet me...

two days later, my batchmate and her daughter suddenly popped up at the office to surprise me with a cake...

: )

16. Do you make friends easily?

hmmm... friends as in friend-friend and not just friend-acquaintance, not that easily

17. What traits do you like in people?

honesty, sincerity, care, concern

18. What characteristics do you despise?

lying, backstabbing

19. What was your favorite toy as a child?


20. What did you want to be when you were little?

a good wife... totoo... but then...

21. What is under your bed?


22. Do you wish on stars?


23. If you were a crayon, what color(s) would you be?


24. Do you want your friends to email you back?

why not?  don't expect the same from me though : }

25. What are you afraid of?

having one of those bikers fall in front of my moving car

26. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?

theme parks... disney, universal... paris, too... i'd like to kiss under the eiffel tower, ha-ha

27. Where would you retire to?

wherever my loved one would want to retire

28.  What food(s) do you like?

sinigang na hipon, halabos na hipon, binagoongan, tuna sushi, leche flan

29. Favorite sandwich?

at home, i stock only cheez whiz and peanut butter...

outside, i try to have those with nutritious fillings... i like KFC though
30. What is your favorite candy?

chocolates with nuts... no raisins please...

31.  What is your favorite CD at moment?

hmmm... no favorite

32. What is your favorite TV show?

no favorite

33. Favorite item of clothing?

girlie skirts

34. Favorite brand of clothing?

not brand conscious

35. Favorite sport to watch?

not a sports fan

36. What is your favorite flower(s)?

not fond of flowers

37. Favorite soft drink?

i don't take softdrinks

38. Favorite restaurant?

saisaki, jack's loft

39. Favorite day of the week?


40. Are you a morning person or a night person?


41. Pets?


42.  Summer or winter?


43.  Eat or sleep?


44.  Hugs or kisses?

both... simultaneously, ha-ha

45.  Chocolate or vanilla?


46. Coffee or tea?


47. Salty or sweet?


48.  Black or white?


49.  Song or dance?

both... but if i really have to choose, then song

50.  Piano or guitar?


-> ' am getting confused here... i assume the question is what i prefer, right?  not necessarily what i know.  i play the piano but not the guitar but in terms of preferences, i'd prefer a guitar as it is more portable

51. Diamonds or pearls?

not fond of jewelry but if i really have to choose then diamonds

52.  Face or body?

both... but if push comes to shove, then i'd settle for face...

53.  Boobs or legs?

again both... but if i really have to choose, then legs...

54.  Slim or voluptuous?


55.  For yourself, looks or wealth?


56.  From others, looks or wealth?


57.  Nice or naughty?

both... ha-ha...

reminded me of stars are blind:

i can make you nice and naughty
be the devil and angel, too
got a heart and soul and body
this is what this love can do
baby, i'm perfect for you

; )

58. What did you do last night?

visit an aunt

59. The first person to call you today?

technical person i sent to tuguegarao

60. The first person you called today?

same as 59

61. The first person to text you today?

mr. s.  nope, not that s...

62. The first person you texted today?

an officemate

63. The last person you called today?

technical person i sent to tuguegarao

64. The last person who called you today?

my dear friend

65. The last person you texted today?

technical person i sent to tuguegarao

66. The last person who texted you today?

my best friend

67. What was the last thing you ate?

meiji macadamia chocolate

68. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?

desperadas 2, ha-ha

69. When was the last time you cried?

last month : }

70.  Your biggest failure?

my marriage

71.  Your greatest success?

moving on

72.  Your greatest love: the one you have, the one you lost or the one you never had?

i'll make sure 'twill be the one i have

73. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with us?

wish ko lang, ha-ha... not really exciting but i'm getting a haircut soon... long overdue, actually

74. How many people will you send this to?

i'm blogging it, not e-mailing…

75. Farthermost place you are sending this?

i'm blogging it... dunno the farthest reader

friends lng kmi noh

waaah!!!  i don't usually click around friendster.  the only thing i really do there is post blogs.  and then now i decided to look around, saw someone post a bulletin with the subject "Xet! mhal q na xa," got curious, clicked and then this:

may masamang mangyayari sa love life mo or kaya sa buhay mo kaya dapat i-repost mo toh... PUMILI KA NG TITLE SA BABA!

1.  miss na kita..
2.  mhal mo pa ba aq?
3.  feEling cLose!
4.  I love you!..
5.  andami nio cnu pipiliin q?
6.  mang-aagaw ka!
7.  akin ka lng...
8.  friends lng kmi noh
9.  chismosa
10. kabet!
11. Mhal q xa bket? angal?
12. mas nauna aq sau!
13. Xet! mhal q na xa
14. d mo xa maagaw skin
15. kasal na kmi
15. will you marry me?
16. yes..i do
17. nag-propose na xa skin
18. engaged na kmi
19. break na kmi
20. may anak na kmi

yikes!  i am not one for chain letters nor for threats but i really, really want a good love life (ha-ha-ha) so i'm posting, not as a friendster bulletin but in my blog.  my title: number 8, "friends lng kmi noh"

' am hoping 'twill be 17 soon though...

; )