last thursday, an officemate saw me and then blurted out, 'i know that dress!'

she hurriedly rushed to her cubicle and then brought back to me an old picture with me wearing the exact same dress.  my officemates checked it out and were surprised to realize that the picture is maybe around a decade old.  they said my dress still looks new.  hmmm... i've heard that before.

i have oooooooolllld clothes.  i still wear them, they don't look old, they don't look dated.  i'm not really into trendy outfits, nothing daring or bold.  i prefer simple ones and i think they've proven timeless.

= = = = = = = = = =

for my mom's birthday, my aunt sent text messages telling attendees to wear red.  i brought a red top but i forgot to bring pants.

i was wearing a dress at the office that day so it could not really be paired with the top.  i was rummaging through my sisters' closets when our youngest offered me her white shorts.  thanks.  it goes well with the red top.  the thing is, it was too big it kept on going down, hahaha.  my aunt offered me a belt but i said i didn't want to wear one, 'twas just at my parents' house anyway, i didn't want any belts and decided to just hold on to the waistband.

my cousin-in-law saw how loose the shorts were and i explained, 'kay nette ito.'  ->  these are (my sister) nette's

she replied, 'boy, you've lost so much weight.'

i repeated, 'this is not mine, kay nette.'

oh... she said she thought i was telling her the shorts were kenneth cole.

huh?!  LOL!

= = = = = = = = = =

my dad is a low-key dresser.  he does not like colorful outfits.  he likes light and muted tones.  for my mom's birthday, we did not really expect him to go with the motif.  but guess what, without my mom's knowledge, he bought a red shirt so he too could wear something red to her birthday.  everyone was ribbing him when they saw his shirt.  he good-naturedly countered he's doing it for my mom.  aaaww, sweet  ♥ ♥ ♥  : )

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