hidden from the rest

i received the following text this morning:

Grant that today I may lead no one astray,
I may not make goodness & faith harder for anyone.

Help me today to be a help & example to all;
to bring strength & encouragement wherever I am.

God bless...

so nice, especially on a sunday...  : )

the first line actually reminded me of my ex.  he does not like outfits that show a lot of skin or display the figure, at least on me.  he says you're encouraging guys to sin that way.  hmmm... that logic could stir a lot of debate...

i've had such luck in my boyfriends.  they strain their eyes when other women wear clothes that display their assets but when it comes to me they want me all covered up  : }

oh, well... there are guys who like to show off their girl... and there are those who like to keep their candies to themselves...

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