driving along a uni-directional long straight road...

waze:  'watch out <inaudible> on road ahead...'

me:  'what did it say?'

mom:  'watch out.'

me:  'after that?'

mom:  'road ahead.'

me:  'hehe...  what did it say in between?'

mom:  'i just heard 'watch out road ahead'...'

me:  'i heard 'watch out,' too...  and 'on road ahead'...  what's the complete warning?'

mom:  'what does it usually say?'

me:  'it varies...  but there's no point in saying just 'watch out road ahead.'  there really should be a road ahead.  if suddenly there's none, then that's really grave...'

and then i heard a thud  ->  i drove over this depressed drainage grill on the road!  :O

oh, ok...  question answered...  ; }

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