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at a burger place...

me to mom:  'i'm still full...  let's just share an ultimate...'

mom:  'no...  let's have separate orders...'

me:  'you can't finish one...'

mom:  'we can bring home what's left over...'

oh...  ok...

we ordered three ultimates:  two to-go; one dine-in for my mom.  since i wanted us to have different orders (for plate-surfing purposes, hehe), i tried the supposedly spicy 'burger from hell' (it didn't turn out to be that spicy to me though).

i finished mine; my mom had half left.

hmmm...  i make it a point to finish what's on my plate unless it's really unpalatable.  i learned it from my grandma  ->  my mom's mom.

i'm thinking if she taught it to her grandchildren then she also must have taught it to her children.

1.  but yup, seniors do get exempted.

2.  bringing home your leftovers is equivalent to finishing your food.

all is well...  : )

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