now or never

i was about to clamber up the sink in my laundry area to take pics of the supermoon when i heard my brother calling at the door.  i walked over and there he was returning one of my memory cards.

he mentioned that they have no internet and the light on their desktop wouldn't turn off even if he has unplugged everything.


i put down my camera and followed him to their place.  there i tinkered with the cables and modem plus network settings.  ta-daan!!!  we traced the light to the monitor plus got the internet working.

i went back to my place and when i looked up the sky, it was all just clouds!  whaaattt???!!!  closest in 68 years and i missed it?!  my, my, my, my (sharona! ;"p)...

oh, well...  i do have snaps taken from my parents' place earlier (not with the settings and composition i had in mind though)...  plus i did see it sans cam  <-  that is what matters.

nevertheless, reminder/note to self:
some things can wait.
some won't.
know your priorities.

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