picking up my sister...  as i was approaching the gate of their office, the guard motioned for me to turn left...  and then he assisted me as i squeezed my car in the remaining space with a tree so close to my right and another one in front (no, it's not really supposed to be a parking area but there are so many, too many, vehicles there )...

once settled, i told the guard:  'i'm picking up <sister's first name>...'

guard:  '<first name> <last name>?'

me:  'yes...'

guard:  'you should have told me earlier!  i would have let you in...'

eh?!  i didn't have a chance to talk!  he right away directed me up the pavement from afar!

oh, well...  i'm already ensconced in nature...  soil under my wheels; trees i so carefully avoided hitting close by...  the only time i'll again break sweat to navigate out of this slot is when my sister and i are ready to go home...

i rolled my window all the way down...  might as well enjoy the wind in my hair...

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