haves and have nots

last year, my mom slipped in the bathroom and broke her arm.  she underwent an operation and metal plates were put inside her arm to connect the bones together.

upon discharge from the hospital, she did not go back to their upstairs bedroom anymore.  a corner of their living room was converted into her sleeping area where you have a real, not a folding, bed.

last night, my aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces dropped by my parents' house.

my 11-year old nephew had this puzzled look and asked, 'how come there's a bed?'

wahahaha...  ;"p

i explained to him my mom broke her arm and the bed was put there for her convenience.

i was just thinking, in his world, houses have separate bedrooms and living rooms.  a place for everything and everything in its place.  there is, however, this other world where families live in a cramped one-room affair and that is where they eat and sleep and do everything else people do inside a house.

yes, life is not fair.
but God is good all the time.

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