not that

friend:  'what do you want to eat?'

me:  'i'm full...  if you want to eat you choose...'

friend:  'jolly hotdog, you want?'
(i was craving jolly hotdog the last time we were together.)

me:  'i've had jolly hotdog.'

friend:  'you have?'

me:  'yes...  new year... i satisfied my cravings...'

friend:  'bread?'

me:  'i thought you're doing after-six [no meals after 6 p.m.], why are you looking for food?'

friend:  'i've converted my leave...  i'm going to treat you...'

me:  'but i'm full...'

friend:  'where do i treat you?'

me:  'i've just eaten...  i don't feel like eating again unless it's spiral...'

friend:  'spiral?'

me:  'yes, you could treat me to spiral...'

friend looks around:  'chocolate, you want?'

wahahaha...  toinks!!!  ; p

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