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so i saw this viral video of 7-year-old xia vigor impersonating taylor swift in 'your face sounds familiar kids' philippine edition.

she sang 'you belong with me' the same way taylor did in her tour, i.e., initially wearing a marching band-style loose blouse and skirt later pulled off to reveal an all glittery dress underneath.

i love the song and i found xia's version sooo cute!!!

then i read that there were negative remarks about the performance, most notably piers morgan's 'sexualization of young girls' comment.

uh-oh!  that never at all crossed my mind while i was watching the video.  all i could think about was that xia was sooo cute and talented!!!

the costumes were fine with me.  the first one could actually pass as a child's real-life outfit for some school activity.  the second one, yup, it's more adult and glitzy but even then i did not find it sexy.

the wig?
the makeup?
the lipstick?
she was on national tv impersonating taylor swift.  do you do that plain-faced?

aren't there really little girls who play dress up and put on their mom's makeup?  what more xia?  she's in show business.  she's used to makeup and pretend.

hmmm...  is there something wrong with me?  have i been desensitized?  or is there something wrong with the others who see something sexual in such a performance?

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