aunt and i talking about missent messages and misdialed calls...

mom:  'oh, yes...  that happens...  the other day i accidentally pressed [my ex's] name...  it started dialing!  i immediately cancelled the call...'

me:  'whaaatttt???!!!  mom!!!  why do you still keep his number?!  i myself don't have his number on my phone, why do you???'

mom:  'it's been there a long time...'

me:  'well, it's about time you delete it...  i don't see any reason why we should be calling each other, what more the two of you...'

aunt:  'if you still want to save the number just write it down...  no need to store it on your phone...'

me:  'yeah...  if it's there, it occupies space...  it's part of the universe when you do a search...  it slows you down...'

in databases and in life, you have to do performance tuning...  archive old / inactive records so you could devote your resources to current matters...

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