so yesterday i accompanied my mom on her lunch out at mama lou's UP town center with her friends.

we were the first customers for the day:  my mom, two of her friends plus me.

while waiting for the others, my mom and the two ordered soup and salad while i ordered blueberry cheesecake (yup, i eat dessert first).


 1.  i'm not a big fan of cheesecake.

2.  i don't like blueberry.

the cheesecake was called 'mama lou's cheesecake' and i like trying out dishes that carry a restaurant's name so go for it i did.  well, i was underwhelmed...  anyway, that is not the story.

so the rest of the group arrived and we all had lunch after which they started ordering dessert.  the ladies wanted cheesecake but only one order could be accommodated.  they wanted tiramisu but only two orders could be accommodated.  they settled for crepe, again only two could be served.  seven ladies; five dessert.  they just shared.  the mains, by choice; the dessert, because no more was available.

the waiter told me they had only two slices of each cake!  uh-oh!  so i'm to blame why one of my mom's friends could not have cheesecake  ->  i ordered the first slice!  :"}

hmmm...  so a cake carries your restaurant's name and you make only two slices available at the place?  ain't so proud of your namesake?

oh, well, mama lou's is an italian kitchen.  you order spaghetti seafood olio there.  if you want dessert, you walk over next door to nic's...  ; p

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