i'm not a coffee drinker...  for some reason i usually get this feeling of discomfort whenever i drink a cup...

i got a barista badge in pre-swarm foursquare though...  i earned it because of my starbucks check-ins where i was actually going to the place for cakes and not for coffee...  : }

anyway, last week my sister-in-law gave me a starbucks coupon for a complimentary tall beverage.  i was offering it to my sister but she declined.

the coupon expires today and i didn't want it to go to waste.  i therefore took a jeepney to the mall (P7 fare), claimed the beverage, roamed around a bit, then went home, again by jeepney.  ta-daan!  in effect i shelled out only P14 for the normally P150 caramel macchiato!  : D

the freebie junkie that i am was so happy i didn't feel any discomfort at all, hahaha...  ; )

anyway, tomorrow i'm back to hot choco <3

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