fear factor

friend:  'how's <toot>?'

me:  'huh?!  i dunno...'

friend:  'you didn't even show him to me!'

me:  'i didn't see him!'

friend:  'hasn't he arrived?'

me:  'i dunno...  but i did have missed calls from <hotel> last month...  the number is in my contacts list from last year yet so i know it was <hotel>...  i just dunno whether it was really the hotel calling me or him...'

friend:  'it might have been him!'

me:  'maybe...  maybe not...  last time we talked i told him if he rings me one more time i'm going to report him to his wife...  that scared the daylights out of him he finally stopped...'

had i known that line would be effective i would have used it long ago...  anyway, better late than later...  ; )

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