long and short

crossing the street yesterday, an SUV drove in front of me...  i noticed the driver's belly...

i thought to myself, 'this guy's belly is so big...'

then i looked at the face...  ei, i know the guy!  :O

he recognized me, too, and we waved at each other...

i posted a status update in facebook without of course naming the person...

then it just occurred to me, i was wearing a long, loose dress...  he was driving slowly...  he must have seen me from afar and thought to himself:  'this woman looks dowdy...'

wahaha!  quits!

and some sort of redemption for me, if i may add...  one time we saw each other at a gasoline station...  uhm, my shirt was longer than my shorts that time...  :"}

i was supposed to be out just very quickly so i didn't change my house clothes anymore...  i wasn't expecting to run into anyone i know nor did i think i would have to get off the car at the gasoline station...  but then the attendant said my oil needed a refill and my usual was not available so he made me choose a substitute from their shelf (as if i know anything about oils, wahehe...)

anyway, at least now the guy knows i have a balanced wardrobe...  ; )

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