do something

while on queue to pay at shopwise araneta this evening, i saw candy wrappers on the floor near a shelf beside the cashier...  i took a couple of pics then looked around for security...  i saw one and waved for him to come over...  he did and i pointed to him the candy wrappers on the floor...

he immediately picked them up!


do not touch the evidence!!!  preserve the crime scene!!!  (okay, okay, it's just candy...)

he went out of sight very quickly then when he passed in front of me again i asked, 'did you throw the wrappers?  i called you because someone might be eating without paying...'

he said something i didn't really get (we were on opposite sides of the cashier's counter) then walked away...

last time i had a brush with shoplifting was when this girl in front of me suddenly shoved this row of batteries into her bag then so casually walked past the cashier.  this was at the supermarket at SM megamall years ago.  so many of us saw her yet none of us stopped her!  i did point her out to the cashier but apparently that wasn't enough.


for evil to triumph, all good men have to do is nothing.

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