i have a beautiful mom....  yes, i mean physically...

a former officemate used to repeatedly tell me my mother is prettier than me  ->  which could mean a lot of things depending on how you see me, ahahaha...

anyway, every now and then she likes to get a perm...  uhm, it doesn't suit her...  : }

years back when my nephew was  still young, she came home with wavy hair.

the little boy intently looked at her then went, 'you're not pretty, grandma.'

kids.  don't.  lie.

my sisters tell her she does not look good with curly hair.  i tell her.  we all tell her.

that doesn't dissuade her.

her reason?

for a change.


you don't go for change for the sake of change.
you change for the better
otherwise just remain the same.

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